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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Away

This weekend we were out of town so my amazing husband could attempt an amazing feat: the Megatransect!

This trail marathon is more climbing and hiking than it is running. I would love to just climb and hike it for fun in smaller more manageable spurts - but that's not why we were there. 850 inspired fools started the journey in 45 degree rain and mud. Ugh - could it have been much worse???

Unfortunately, my husband was unprepared for several aspects of this race, and despite all his time training, he did not finish the race. He's not upset about it though, he knew he physically could not continue on. He was not dressed warmly enough for the cold conditions. Hello- it's only Oct 1st!!! He has a cold, and if we're honest, it's probably the flu. He's congested, achy, and occasionally suffering chills and hot sweats. Despite training for a trail run, he was not as prepared for rocky, mountainous terrain. Especially the effects it would have on his one knee. He's dealt with sore ankles and toes and all sorts of stuff, but his knees never gave him any problems until race day - so obviously something about the terrain and his method of executing but him in a bad spot - that slowed him down until he quit.

I think what bothers him most is that other people he knew personally who just showed up with no previous training - finished the race. That would irk me too.

Anyways- I'm absolutely amazed at what he did accomplish and what he put his body through- it's incredible. I'm slightly jealous that he was doing the race and I wasn't... maybe sometime in the future we'll both attempt it together??? (don't tell him, I'm not ready to commit to anything out loud!)

So, a whole weekend away. It was a good 4 hour drive so we pretty much had to stay two nights. That's alot of eating out! We actually only ate out once on Friday and once on Saturday- twice on Sunday though- mostly because it was grandma's birthday so we met the family for dinner.

I definitely had a plan and strategy for staying wheat free. It went fairly well - for the most part.

Friday was good - no problem. Saturday, things started to crumble a bit. We went out for dinner and I got a burger. There really wasn't much on the menu that I wanted. I had my salad and got a side of mashed potatoes. The burger was fairly plain and blah despite the cheese and bacon. It was just kinda dry. Since I wasn't enjoying it much w/o the bud, I thought I would just eat the bun. Um, yeah - not much better. So I stopped eating the bun and just got more ketchup. Problem solved. I did eat too much though - and I regretted doing that. I knew I was full but finished my potatoes anyways, just because I could and they tasted better than the burger. I did go to the gym later that evening to put in a decent workout.

Over all Saturday was pretty good. Oh, I did have 1 cookie. So also 1 major slip up that I did on purpose. Mad at myself.

Sunday started out good - lunch I managed well, although my satisfaction level has gone down with my food choices. I also had ice cream... which is never a great choice, but most likely wheat-free. Dinner was Red Lobster. Yes, I ate a roll. I am human, yah know! And I had Parmesan crusted tilapia(which included bread crumbs.)So not very good choices over all - but I don't like shrimp or salmon... and I'm nervous to get a spicy Cajun fish, so I thought this was the best choice for me.

So this weekend could have been better - but definitely better than I would have been in the past. I'm looking ahead to this next week - and diet is going to be the key. My two days of reliant workout times is now filled with field trips. So I have no designated workout times, lots of additional obligations and need to designate time to my family so we don't' all fall apart because I'm over committed. Read: no gym this week.

I don't know, I'm relying alot on this no-wheat theory.