Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weigh In and Status Update

Well, it's Friday - my unofficial WI day.

I weighed in at 193.3 lbs. That's where I've been all week! I'm okay with that though, I did have half a DQ Blizzard the night before. Over all though - I've done great with my diet and exercise this week. Sure there were somethings I could have done better, but I'm rarely perfect, so it's pretty much perfect for me!

Despite my ice cream treat last night, I was still about 1500-1600 calories for the day, and I didn't finish it, I ate a (generous) half and put it in the freezer. I think mentally I knew I didn't need any of it, and I felt bad eating it. It had been a rough day emotionally/hormonally and I knew earlier that I would have one because of it. Not good. But later - I didn't feel as if I needed it. If my husband wasn't so gun-ho about getting them... well maybe I wouldn't have?

Anyways - I'm pretty pleased with my eating habits this week. Most days I'm around 1200-1400 calories, and I'm tracking too! I've been exercising most days. I'm on day 16 or 17 with the 30 Day Shred. I started really late Wednesday evening(w/ day 17) and was interrupted by my daughter having *girl* problems... so I just quit and dealt with her. Sometimes you have to just skip it. The next day I was being hormonal and just didn't want to do anything. I was surprised that I pulled myself out of it before the end of the day... but like I said, I still ate the DQ.

I've done more cardio and strength this week too. Life is more normal so I was able to get to the gym 3 times this week! Pretty impressed with myself! I'm hoping when TOM has passed I'll see some big results. So I'm not getting discouraged yet.

My goal was to be under 190 by the end of July, I might have to push that out a little ways since TOM is being so involved right now. Either way, it doesn't matter, because the goal after that is to lose 5-7 pounds in August. I'm going oot Aug 4-7 so I'm just hoping before I leave I will be at my July goal. The next big trick will to be *good* for 4 days while I'm traveling with some girl friends! I'll have to be really careful and diligent about making it to the gym. Ugh!! I just hope that I do make my July goal and that will be all the motivation I need to be good those 4 days. I don't want to screw it up!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm still ticking away! sorry I haven't blogged much but it's been a very busy time and I've been focusing slot on diet and exercise, but I haven't had time to process it.

So what have I been up to? Where am I at? Well, strangely enough I'm at my new lowest weight, 193.6 lbs!!! I'm on day 14 of the 30 DS. I've also changed my diet up a bit.

Diet info first. It's not a huge change, but I think it needed adjusting. I was doing low carb- although not super well. Let's be honest, I don't do any diet super well. I've been reading a book called Healthy Living God's Way. There's seven steps, and I just finished reading the section on food. It was nothing shocking - it said to eat real wholesome foods and cut out the junk. But with relation to dieting, she broke it down saying that your plate should be half veggies/fruit, 1/4 carbs - only twice a day, and 1/4 protein, only once a day. I think visualizing that is helping me. I've been striving for more wholesome foods anyways and it's not a difficult transition. Although I will probably add protein into my snacks. Not sure if this is explaining the recent weight loss? The first real difference was I was adding more fruit into my diet and a little bread. Fruit is making this much easier!!!

So where am I at? You might recall me discussing my ideal plan, in a perfect world. My goal for July was to get below 190 lbs. I was struggling slot just a week ago but now things are turning around and I'm in disbelief. Could I actually reach my goal?!?! I'm going to give it my best shot!!! I can't wait to see how this week goes! I'm determined to follow this diet. I have my salad greens cleaned and ready to go. I have veggies and cheese cut up to go with my new found love : spinach & artichoke hummus!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weigh In Day

It is Friday isn't it? I've kind lost my regular WI days - I look at every WI as an official WI lately.

But, good or bad, I'm at 194.9 lbs. Still headed down, but that's still 5 lbs I want to lose in 16 days. I think I can do that! I am really motivated. I'm about to do day 7 of my 30DS. I'm so proud I'm still going strong with this!

Update on my Level 2 cheat. Yikes!!! That was extremely hard on my body. Mostly my back/ shoulder blades. I noticed it last night while sleeping... as I tightened up I had alot of back pain and could only sleep on my back. Rolling to the side was not an option. When I woke up every movement hurt. I got better as I warmed up for the day - so here's hoping I can complete Level 1 today! It's one of the reasons I didn't worry about getting the workout in too early.

I've tried to keep my calories down today because we're headed out to a fancy dinner.. and when it's fancy, I want something good. I guess it's all about portion size, right? Plus I really don't want to throw away my efforts on one dinner.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Cheated!

I did slot of things different today. Today was day 6 of the 30 DS. Definitely level 1. But I was actually feeling quite froggy, so I attempted level 2. It wasn't as bad or scary as I remembered but there were definitely exercises I don't like. I was also extremely frustrated as I was interrupted several times. I'm not sure how vital the 20 minutes of consecutive exercise be ~ well, consecutive.

I feel like I'm not being very true to the 30 DS "program." I've now skipped 2 days, although not consecutive. I'm not following any specific diet program very well. But I'm still not giving up. I'm still choosing to get the workout in every day possible. I want to complete this.

On a more positive perspective... I am exercising more and in general moving more. I'm impressed with my ability to do the level 2 workout. I'm prepping healthy food. I'm still trying to keep my carbs low and I'm even tracking my food! I'm down about 2 lbs for the month. I had hoped it would come off a little quicker, but at least we're headed in the right direction.

On a side note~ I'm finding it easier to change directions ( ie healthy choices) thru out the day. Unfortunately it can go both ways. But I'm not just giving up on the day just because I splurged. There's always an opportunity to help redeem the day. Hmmm... Maybe I'll head out for a walk before it's too late!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In an *almost* perfect world

I have a plan... my mind was working while on the elliptical today - an ideal plan for achieving reasonable but ideal goals before Disney in October.

Is it possible?


Is it realistic?


It would just require me to stay on plan and stay motivated for the next 3 months.

Well, my July goal is to get below 190 lbs. I started at 197.5 lbs(or something close to that). But my low for June was 193.4 lbs. So I'm hoping to drop some of this weight quickly because it was a bad weekend flux, right? Anyways - I'm currently at 165.6 lbs. So I'm on my way and I have some positive routines in place. More about that in a minute.

So if I lose and get to 190 by August then that leaves 2.5 months. What weight do I really want to be? Surely I won't be at my goal weight. And I looked at it - if I lost 5 lbs per month, I'd be at around 180, maybe better. Well, where does that put me? That would be a total of 26 pounds lost. I would still want to lose another 40 pounds after Disney. It'd be nice if it was more even. So the more I thought about it, the more I thought "in a perfect world" I'd like to lose about 33 lbs total - making my weight 173. That's 22 lbs from today.

Is it possible? I think it might be. 180 lb might be more realistic, and that would be okay but I'd like to reach for the big goal of 173 lbs. My first baby step is getting below 190 lbs. Which would be Awesome!!!

Current Routines:
- 30 Day Shred. I'm currently only on day 4 - but my goal is to complete it(with Sunday's off) and during that last week I'll probably order the Firm Express. I'd really like to try that!

- Low Carb Diet. I'm attempting to make low/no carb choices most of the day. I'm not sure what carbs I'm averaging, but with tracking I'll become more aware and then can tweak it as needed. Sugar is my downfall but I'm keeping it in check.

- Tracking Calories. My goal is to be below 1600 calories. As long as I track I'm able to do so. It does help me make better choices especially with snacking. Last night I realized I had about 200 calories I could eat(after a wimpy dinner) and I ended up with some sugar free jello and cool whip for 50 calories and 3 carbs. I'm realizing I don't HAVE to eat all 1600 calories. I wasn't as hungry as I thought I should be.

- Supplements. I'm taking some vitamins, prescriptions(for my thyroid), and supplements to aid in low carb eating. Not sure if it all helps, but it's getting me to take my vitamins which I haven't taken since pregnancy.

- Move more. I'm trying to keep the frame of mind, move more eat less. Nothing radical - but often I think a short walk with the family is nothing compared to the 1.5 hrs in the gym. (I'm still meeting my mom at the gym in addition to the 30 DS.)But I'm looking for ways to keep moving in the evening and to not sit on the couch. Sometimes it's an ab workout and sometimes we head to the beach or woods to explore. Every little bit helps, right?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 3 - 30DS

Well, I made it again! I feel pretty resolved to complete the 30 days - although don't make me think about it all at once!

I'm pretty sore - all of me. I was thinking just my legs, but my shoulders and arms are sore too. Will I feel this way for the whole month?? Probably.

I was thinking of taking Sundays off, well at least this Sunday. I have alot going on and I think I would like to give my body a day of rest each week. Hopefully it will keep me from feeling burned out on this journey. I just hope that I don't let myself get lazy and give up come Monday. I don't think so though - at least not this week!

I did pretty well eating yesterday - I even tracked my food! I'm not 100% sure what my calories were because I don't know how many nuts I actually ate. We went out to dinner to Red Lobster and I tracked all of that. Should have cut down on the rolls a bit, but I was still only about 1600 calories for the day. Lots of veggies yesterday.

I'm relaxing a bit on carbs - definitely too many yesterday with the rolls - but otherwise not too bad. For example, I'm having a half banana before my workouts to help energize me and I had popcorn before bed. I'm still choosing low carb most of the time, but I will eat some fruit and not feel guilty over some bread. I just want to minimize it and choose the complex carbs as much as possible.

I feel pretty good about continuing this workout and keeping up the diet plan. Even though it's Saturday and I don't have a specific plan just yet - I feel really good about everything and feel confident I will stay on plan this weekend.

Friday, July 8, 2011

30DS - Day 2

Well, first baby step done. I set myself up for success yesterday - and it made a difference.

I set my alarm, I set out my clothes, I went to bed (slightly) early, I made an extra salad for today, and ate a small DQ blizzard before bed(extra guilt!).

So this morning I didn't want to get up, big surprise. I didn't talk myself out of it though. I had the extra mental support that my husband might still be rowing in the basement. Bum never made it to the basement like I did, but I didn't know that from our bedroom.

So I did it. It really wasn't that bad. I feel stronger already. I weighed myself this morning too, and I was down about a pound from yesterday. I didn't eat great yesterday - hence the blizzard. But TOM is on it's was out - so maybe that has something to do with it.

I've already modified one of the moves to make it more difficult - well - to feel anything really. One of the last strength exercises for Level 1 is a chest fly. Well with my 5 pound weights it's pretty easy. So what I do is a do the exercise on the exercise ball instead of the floor(more movement) and I twist the weights at the top so that my pinkie side of the weight come together and touch. It's much easier to *squeeze* and feel the chest working. You could easily just grab heavier weights, and maybe I'll do that.. but for now this is a quick fix that works for me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dare I Attempt?

Well - the clock keeps ticking till our Disney trip. And my convention weekend. Convention weekend is only 27 days away. Not sure about Disney just yet - don't want to obsess about it. ;)

Anyway - I'm considering attempting the 30 Day Shred. I was actually motivated by(and more interested in trying) the Firm Express that's been advertised on TV. But I know the results they show are less likely to be found in me - for a variety of reasons. I was searching online to find some real life examples and to see if it'd be worth trying. There's very little out there, probably because it's newer.

I also wonder if I should invest the money when I have several videos at home that I don't use. You can probably see where I'm headed. If you've seen the Firm Express infomercial you know they're using short bursts of energy followed by a recovery time. It's a bit more complex I'm sure - but it does sound similar to Jillian Michael's circuit training routines.

I also searched for results for the 30DS - with lots out there. Results are good - nothing amazing like 20 pounds lost but alot of inches lost. And inches matter alot!! Because it's more about me becoming smaller(and a happier healthier weight) than just a number game.

I have two problems though.

1. I hate the 30DS. It's not Jillian, it's because I've done level 1 many times and I don't like it ~ not for 10 days in a row. And I know level 2 is harder... so it's a wall every morning of doing a workout I don't particularly like.

2. I'm horrible at completing things. It's true - it's definitely apart of me, even though I'm aware of it and don't like it. I have trouble following through. I actually considered getting thru at least a week of the 30DS before posting it on my blog. I haven't - but I thought about it.

But here's what's awesome about it.
1. If I do complete 30 days - I'll definitely make some changes in my body.
2. I'll be closer to my goals. - especially my first time sensitive goal.
3. I will have become stronger.
4. I'll have completed something!!!
5. I'll have developed a new routine of putting fitness first in my day.
6. Maybe I'll even get my eating under control!

Looks like there's alot more positive than negative. I'll have to keep coming back and reading my hopeful results - and keep striving towards them. Maybe if I complete this and am looking for something new - I'll try the Firm Express. Which would be a nice reward don't yah think??

Oh - P.S. I've already finished Day 1 of 30DS. Didn't love it but enjoyed the comfort of knowing the routine. Definitly worked up a sweat and flexed some muscles I haven't worked in a while.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Annoyed With Myself

I'm so mad! I totally messed up the 4th of July. Part of it was planned. I knew I would eat a piece of lemon cake and strawberry rhubarb pie. Well, I didn't know there would be brownies too. I didn't eat a brownie though - and had just half a piece of pie - until I had the other half of pie and half a brownie.

Okay - I can live with that. Not trilled, but whatever.

But then we went to fireworks at great grandma's house. She had all sorts of snacks for us after the fireworks. Um, grandma, it's 10pm, the kids need to go to bed! So I let my husband take the kids home and I stayed with my parents and ate pie and ice cream. I didn't want it, I don't think any of us did. But what is she going to do with a whole pie? It wasn't even good. Neither was the lemon cake, really. I was disappointed.

I'm up over a pound and I'm so mad. I ate low carb at dinner and low cal throughout the day. I hate the *obligation* to eat. I suppose I could have just gone home and avoided the whole issue - but I don't see this side of my family enough, so I didn't want to.

I'm going to continue to keep my low carb efforts low cal too - see if I can get this weight off quickly.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back on Track

The Strawberry Sabotage of 2011 definitely set me back, a solid 4 pounds.

It wasn't just the strawberries - at was the carb cravings that did me in. I've been struggling with sweets every night. I have been making low carb choices during the day - but get relaxed about it in the evening and then toss it out the window with a bunch of snacks late.

But I'm back on track now. Not sure what triggered be to get back on track. I think it was remembering my goal. It was remembering the clock is ticking and the Disney trip is closer all the time. I will be super disappointed if I don't make significant progress before then. I don't expect to be at goal weight by any means - but well on my way. Not screwing around with the same 5 pounds.

I also noticed I'm getting a little chub. As easily as I noticed a difference in my clothes with just a few pounds lost - it started coming back. NOT OKAY WITH THAT!

On a plus side - I did my measurements for July 1st - and I lost 1.5 inches - mostly in my arms and waist. I'm actually pretty excited about that!!! I threw on a shirt the other day - one that was purchased but never worn because it just didn't fit in the arms - and it was perfect!!! I wore it for our anniversary dinner! I've really wanted my arms to shape up a bit for the summer sleeveless look - and they totally give my chubbiness away - so it seems like it's working!

I technically didn't lose any weight this month - maybe half a pound. But at my low I was down about 4ish pounds - I forget exactly.

So all those things together have motivated me to quit screwing this up and get back on track.

(Sorry for the harsh language but I mean business!!!!)

So I look at the next month - I need a mini goal or focus. What do I want to accomplish by when?? I'm motivated for the Disney goal, but I need a mini goal to help me get there. (I'll also need similar goals after Disney to keep going!!!)

I actually have a little trip planned in August! Our Mops group is heading to convention - so I'll be spending about 4 days away from the family! So my gaol is to be below 190 by then. Right now I'm at 197, my June low was 193. I'm actually hoping for 187 - I don't know why, but anything below 190 would be AWESOME!!! I'm pleased that I'm officially below the 200's and I'm not going back. So I'd like to be officially below the 190's. If I remember correctly 185 is where I started before I got pregnant before baby #3. Well - maybe it was 175/180. But then, that was my old scale too - so ti really was probably closer to 190(since it was about 10 pounds nicer than reality!) But mentally - I'm looking for what I used to see on the scale, even if it wasn't accurate.

Another positive note - I've been trying on shorts and capris from my former life - just 1 size smaller - a 14. They fit! Not very flattering though -but I don't think I'd be too uncomfortable in them either - just need the right shirt to hide any puff. So I'll wait a bit longer and hopefully be in them before the Mops convention. I wore 1 suitable pair to church this morning!