Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, January 19, 2012


My last post was in November. Since then I've been playing games and given up on focusing on my diet. Before then, really. Unfortunately I am one of the cliche bloggers that wishes for change without really changing anything.


Am I any different now that I'm writing this?

Not really.

I'm searching for motivation and was hoping the new year would inspire something. I suppose it has a little bit, but I am eating a donut right now.

I do have a plan. I think I'm getting a little smarter about changing my lifestyle/diet.

My plan is to start in February.

I know... lazy, right? Why not start now? Well, I've started some things- but I'm giving myself some time to prepare so that I don't get stuck in a tempting situation with no solution or time to get thru it. So I'm looking and trying some recipes, stocking up on a few homemade, acceptable snacky items and overall figuring out what the plan is.

My diet plan/lifestyle plan is to go low carb, but more so- grain free. So initially I will cut out just wheat, but also try to stay low carb. So I'm trying to find some alternatives especially for my sweet tooth. I'd like to totally eliminate sugar- but I still need sweet... so I'm looking into other sweeteners that don't spike the insulin level.

I've found alot of great resources out there- but some are more extreme than I want to be. I found a great paleo recipe site- very complete- but they don't use dairy products. Well, that's fine, but I'm okay with milk and butter in my recipes, so will these recipes work with my ingredients?? So I've been trying out a few recipes... adapting them to even include some grains(oats) and just getting used to using some ingredients I don't normally use, like almond flour and coconut flour. I LOVE almond flour- but I've not mastered baking with it without some added wheat. My goal right now is to find a good chocolate chip cookie, maybe a brownie, and pancakes. I don't eat alot of sandwiches, so I'm not worried about actual bread at the moment.

Maybe I should list this stuff out.

- Researching recipes
- Working out more regularly
- Increasing the intensity in my workouts(specifically with weight training)
- Stocking up on wheat free alternatives
- Making meal plans

Soon to Implement:
- Wheat free as of Feb 1st
- Low Carb as of Feb 1st
- Continue researching, implementing completely grain free recipes
- Eliminate evening snacking