Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, May 30, 2011

May is Almost Over

I took measurements on May 2nd. I did this because I was going to attempt the 30 Day Shred. Instead I switched a low carb lifestyle. And I've kept with it! So I want to measure myself again at the end of the month. I was going to do it today, until I realized it was the 30th and not the 31st. I could potentially wait until the 2nd as well. Not sure what I'll do. I don't want to wait - but it would be nice to have an extra day or two to get the weekend weight off. I'm a pound higher than last week, but I'm sure it was from the camp trip. I did prematurely measure myself because my pants fit so much better. I discovered I had lost an inch around my waist and my hips. Not alot of weight... but obviously some fat. My workouts have fallen short lately, so it's not because I'm extra toned and fit. It's nice to know I'm melting some fat off in this low carb lifestyle. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Update on Stats

Wow - well I just updated my stats on the sidebar... and I was impressed - because something finally changed!


So I met my first short term goal of losing 5 lbs. My second of course losing another 5 lbs. I'm getting close to that! Hopefully within a week I'll get there!

I'm still hoping to lose 5 pounds a month until Disney. Sometimes that seems unrealistic - since I have a history of not losing weight. But I'm seeing some results with low carb. It's daunting to think I would be low carb until October - or even longer... but I am seeing results. So it's worth the effort.

I had a nice surprise today. I put on a new pair of capri pants and they fit much better! They used to give me horrible muffin top, it was just stiff in the waist. Well today there was virtually no bulge!! I wasn't a tight muscle model or anything, but at least these are a viable pair of pants now! So maybe I am melting off fat and not just water weight.

Still on Play + WI

Well, I weighed in today - and finally the scale shows a good number the day of my WI. So frustrating to go up the day of your WI when for days you've been lower. So today I'm at my lowest, 197.7 lbs. 1.1 more lbs and I'll be at my lowest WW weight. Which was from about a year ago exactly.

I'm having a rough time during this low carb induction. Not following the rules, although I'm not always 100% strict. but Friday night I started feeling sick. I thought it was food poisoning because it came on pretty suddenly after eating out. It's been on and off all weekend. So at times I'm eating carbs because I think it's the only thing my stomach will stomach (like cereal or tortilla chips.) But it did go away and we had a nice birthday picnic - where I stayed on track. Well, except for a half piece of cake, but I'm okay with that.

For the most part I'm pushing thru, but my husband keeps questioning if it's not the diet that's making me feel crappy. I'm not sure, but I doubt it. I think I have a mild flu or food poisoning. I'm starting to think it's the chicken and bruchetta I've been eating for lunch. I'm going to throw it out today and not touch it anymore!!

Overall, I've been doing great and seeing results. Although I wasn't perfect this weekend, I still think I succeeded. I made sure I had healthy low-carb options and despite not feeling great, I stuck to them almost the whole time unless I thought it was necessary. Mike commented how impressed he was that I've been so diligent with this diet. He thinks I need a reward. I wont' argue - but I haven't lost that much weight yet! I don't feel right being rewarded till I reach a new low.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carb Detox

Okay - so yesterday I went off plan because I was going to a birthday dinner that was all carbs. I was good the rest of the day, and I could have been better - but oh well.

I started out today on track. But I came home - and I had to make lunch. I just didn't want to *make* anything else!! I think it was partially the weather and feeling blah - but it was just too much effort to cook up a batch of chicken(which I should have done earlier in the week) - so I had a bowl of noodles. And cake. And more cake.

I have since had a cookie and more cake.

Ugh. I must say though - my stomach is NOT happy. This shouldn't be shocking... but it kind of is for me. I've never felt a down side to carbs.. except that I would want more. Typical stuff.

But I feel over stuffed and just kinda sickly gross. Too much pure sugar.

So tomorrow I need to detox the sugar and carbs out of my system and get serious. I think I'll throw away the remaining cake before I go to bed. And the cookies. On the up side, I guess this means I was making some progress, right?

5K Mental Recap

It's really weird. I've heard several stories about how those who completed their first 5K had a great sense of accomplishment. Plus it motivated them to continue running or tackling big tasks like weight loss.

Yeah - that wasn't me.

I got it done, but I don't feel that it was done very well. It was rather pathetic. Not that I know the time yet... I would have walked except my husband was there with me - cheering me on. Which was great. My goal was to run the whole time and not walk - so I did accomplish that, against my own desires... but it was done. But I just didn't feel good about the run. So I'm not that excited or proud of it.

The part that bothers me is people keep congratulating me on it. I don't feel like it was anything great - I'm prouder of much simpler things than that and if you were there - you'd probably could have done better!

Sigh... I know some people don't accept praise or compliments well - and I'm not much different. So maybe that's all this is, but I really don't feel that I did anything special.

Sorry this isn't a very inspirational post! Maybe it's the crappy weather - I just feel crappy towards everything.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Pays to Behave!

So yesterday I went low carb to get back on track and jump start my diet again. It sucked in alot of ways. I love carbs. I was a bit grouchy and depressed. But I didn't cheat once, unless you call peanuts cheating.

But it was worth it. I was down almost 2 pounds today! I went from 201.3 to 199.4 lbs. That's just what I needed to keep strong and keep the carbs out of my diet.

This afternoon I slightly caved but in the process found a new snack I plan on abusing in the future.

I made the kid ghetto pizzas for lunch. A slice of bread, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I did have a slice. But then later, I just pulled the cheese and pepperoni off, apparently I made too much.

It was awesome. So all I need to do is figure a way to make this without it burning or sticking to anything. I think I should be able to manage this in the toaster oven somehow...

Anyways - I'm looking forward to the pounds melting off!! At my low point, can only get better, right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to the drawing board....

I hate it when I have a good streak going and then I mess it all up. And I decide - well, I've already cheated - might as well enjoy all my favorite things and then start over...

So that's pretty much what I'm doing. Saturday night we had friends over. I'm pretty much no carb at this point.. and managed for several days. I had mostly salad and 1 slice of pizza - with as little crust as I could make look normal. But then we got the snacks out. And there was nothing good for me except the dip.

So I cheated... alot. Not binge worthy, just should not have let myself go that far.

Sunday(today) was not much different. And I made sure to eat everything I haven't been. Things like cereal. and a Jamoca shake from Arby's.

So tomorrow I'll be back at the low carb. It's my WI day. I hate Monday WI days. I haven't been doing the shred... it was too much with getting ready for the 5K and cleaning house. Don't think I'll do that though. I'm really relying on the low carb thing to melt some fat. I'll still exercise - but I think while my body is adjusting, it'll be too strenuous some days... and I'm already walking a tight rope initially - so I don't need more room for failure.

Well, I'll talk more about the 5K soon... and let you know how the low carb thing is working.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Days Behind

(Whoops! meant to post this last night!)
I'm still doing the 30 day shred. Life is just busy now. Sure - I'm conflicted with the 5K just 4 days away - but I also have to organize clothes to take somewhere tomorrow - I have a Spa party I need to prep for on Saturday, I"m babysitting tomorrow afternoon and have a meeting Thursday morning... There's only so much time in a day!

So today - I don't think I could have done much more. I am shocked I did the 30DS. I did it at 10:30 at night. I was in the kitchen all day making a meal to take to a new mom. But I was also babysitting 4 extra kids, plus my two. It was work!!! The ages were 4, 3(almost 4), 2, 1(almost 2), and twins who are almost 1. It's crazy - but there's nap time for all but two.

Here's what I accomplished in the kitchen today:
-Chicken Bruchetta Pasta w/ spinach
-buttered noodles with peas(for the twins)
-boiled eggs(for devilled eggs)
-marinated chicken for tomorrow
-cooked an awesome dinner of roast pork, broccoli rabe, and leftover bruchetta pasta
-homemade ice cream
-homemade strawberry sauce for the ice cream
-breakfast: spinach, onions and eggs
-lunch: three grilled cheese sandwiches + cut up a whole cantaloupe

I think that's it. You can imagine the dishes. Which are all done - except for the ice cream ones! I also wanted to prep taco stuffed green peppers because they're going to go bad soon... plus I had the water boiling, it would have been a good time. But everyone was hungry.

So I started 30DS on May 2nd, I should be on day 8 but I'm on day 5. I'm nervous about starting the second week - although this week is getting much easier. I still hate it for a few moments here and there, but it moves on and soon I realize I'm at the last part or an easier part. I know Level 2 is bad... but you won't make changes in your body by continuing what you like!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running Update

So my first 5K is only 6 days away!!!

I'm a bit nervous - or at least, I was. I'm very confused.

I went for a run this evening - I've had it planned for days now. I wanted to run outside- preferably a full 5K. I figure I might run 1 more time this week(Tues or Wed) and do a shorter run(20 minutes?)

Well, I set out for the run, not knowing how farm the loop would be, but knowing it takes me about 40 minutes to run a 5K on the treadmill. I decided to run for 40 minutes. Well, I ran for 33 minutes. I thought it was pretty pathetic, I'm much better on the treadmill.

Shortly after I got home, my husband got in the car and tracked it. He said I got 3.2 miles. I'm not sure how accurate the car is... or the treadmill for that matter. So I'm really clueless. Did I run a 5K(with HILLS!) in 33 minutes?

I guess I won't really know anything until Saturday!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Days 3 & 4

Well - Days 3 & 4 were kind of a bust. Actually, I big bust.

Very busy days and I've been very overwhelmed and stressed out and sure - I could have done the 30DS at 9 after the kids went to bed - but I wasn't up for it after almost pulling my hair out putting whiny kids to bed. It's been a long week because my husband has been out of town.

I was hoping to only skip 1 day - and Wednesday I had no intention of skipping - but due to a rough night and probably so much exercise on Tuesday - I was exhausted and had no energy or muscle strength for anything. I was whipped. Thursday I was busy from sun up to sun down.

So today there's no excuses. I definitely have more energy today. Still another busy day - but I do have time for 20 minutes! And I already got the workout in. It feels good to test certain muscles. Not all... but some! I actually hate the arm/chest exercises more than any of the legs and butt. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2

Deep Breath...

Still recovering from my morning workouts. Today I went to the gym and got in a long run. I didn't really have a plan initially - I suppose I should consult some training plans like C25K or something, but I'm just winging it. So my plan ended up being to run for an hour. Endurance training, right? I did a lower speed, 4.5 most of the time. Incline anywhere from 0-2. I was doing pretty well until about 40 minutes in. My stomach was at it's limit and I thought I might get sick. I slowed down... it wavered... then I realized - Nope! I need to use the bathroom! Well, at 45 minutes I called it quits and hightailed to the bathroom. I did walk a bit more to help cool down and bring the pink color back out of my face!

So I stopped at home real quick for a slice of PB toast before picking up my son from preschool. Once home I situated all the kids and headed down to the basement.

30 DS was on!! I could already feel the energy from the carbs bc I was bouncing around before it started. Conserve your energy- moron!!

Day two was tough - but mostly because I had a long(er) run beforehand. I used some lighter weights at times, but I got through it. I know I'll be sore and feeling it tomorrow.

I'm very motivated right now. I'm excited about changing my body and making a difference even by June. I feel like it's possible now to reach my Disney goals. I want it so bad!!!

Today for lunch I'm having 4 oz grilled chicken with .4 oz moneray cheese and 2 TBS bruchetta. AWESOME!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sick of it!!! Change ahead!

Okay. I need to do something!!

I've been reevaluating where I am on my weight loss journey. I need results. I did find some results from avoiding late night eating and going low carb. I plan on continuing these activities.

But the gym. I guess I'm thinking about it's effectiveness because my mom just quit the gym. She had to in order to save for our Disney trip. No worries - she has plans to continue exercise at home.

But is the gym helping me? Is it helping me achieve results? I don't know that it is. It does give me childcare so I can have uninterrupted time to exercise. But I can(and do) do weights at home. I don't do as much cardio - because it's harder to find longer kid-free blocks of time.

My mind started turning when I missed the gym one day but still want to get some exercise in. By evening, I really didn't want to do anything - but I decided to anyways. I knew I had the 30 Day Shred in the basement - and I could handle 20 minutes. I know it's a good workout and it does make a difference. So I did it.

A few days later at the gym, I saw the infomercial for TurboFire by Beach Body. I was really thinking about getting that workout. But the results they were talking about just didn't see to be impressive enough for me. I do like the idea that there's alot of variety in the workout to chose from, and different length of workouts. Because honestly - sometimes 20 minutes is all I have or want to do.

Well, it's also expensive, $120 + tax & shipping. And I wonder - would I really devote the time to get the results? I don't follow the other workouts I have, like Turbo Jam and 30 Day Shred, will I really use the videos to the full extent?

I mentioned it to my mom - about wanting to get results. She said I probably just need to melt some fat off, to see the muscle I have underneath. It's probably more about diet at this point for me. I'm fit, I'm strong, I have no willpower.

So what am I going to do?

I decided not to buy the DVD. It looks like alot of work with questionable results. I did see result with Turbo Jam - but let's be honest - Turbo Fire looks even harder!! Not sure I would do it consistently if it's too similar to TJ.

So I decided to do the 30 Day Shred. I did day 1 already. I'm giving myself a bit of slack and allowing a day of rest if I need it. I imagine Sundays... but we'll see. I also plan on running 2-3 times per week(gotta use the gym membership!) So there might be a day after a longer run where a workout is just ridiculous. But I'm going to do it and continue with my low carb eating. I expect to see great results. I was searching online to see success stories... most people didn't lose much weight, but they were already low in weight(140's). I'm just as excited to see a change in my body. I'm so frustrated with not losing weight and still hovering around 200 lbs. It can't be this way!!!

I can't wait to report the results in 30 days!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week Recap - Shocking WI

So, I pretty much went off the deep end this week. And as soon as I did - I stopped getting on the scale. I'm sure this is a huge metaphor for denial and how I handle things in real life - but I'm a busy mom who doesn't want to think too hard about these things. Shocking, right? ;)

Anyways - I was very overwhelmed with the busy week we had and the kids were especially frustrating and I turned to my good friend sugar and carbs to help me along the way. At times I would try to turn things around - but then there would be a perfect excuse to just eat "normal" and I would take it.

I'm still not on track - hopefully tomorrow. But tonight there too many goodies in the house.

I did weigh in this morning - because it's the first of the month, the start of my week. It was shocking.

Truly shocking.

Well, I thought so. I was 201.0 lbs. What?!?! That doesn't make sense!!! I'm thrilled, I'm not at the lowest ever - but pretty darn low for me!!! I don't understand how over eating - and switching back to carbs and I lost weight???

So today - I should have just jumped right back on track - and I did do breakfast right. But alas - I've eaten very poorly. I'm over stressed this week with my husband out of town... and I don't know what up with my kids - but super drama whiny all over the place! UGH!!!

So I had a wine cooler with dinner. Actually - as soon as we were home... I think it helped. My daughter was hysterically crying for about an hour... calming down just enough because I couldn't understand her otherwise.

So looking at next week - I really want to kick up the exercise. I have easy dinners planned, so at least I can avoid eating out. I also have a new low carb plan for lunches which should help ALOT.