Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay - so I've been derailed from the 6 week challenge - I'm not out of the game.. just let my one day of rest turn into three! But, to be fair, my babe was sick and TOM just showed up! (and the cookies are just about gone... I think I'll put them in the freezer before I head off to bed!)

So here's the goal - and it fits into the 6 week challenge nicely.

My original goal was to be DONE with this weight loss phase of life before/by the time I turned 30. Well, then I got pregnant with Ryan(such a sweetie!!!) ~ so that wasn't very possible. I suppose I could have eaten healthy during that time, not gained as much weight and got serious those 4 months before I turned 30(exactly 1 year ago...) I did loose 10 pounds, but after our trip to Disney - I just never got back on the motivation train. Till the new year. I find that the start of fall(school year) and New Years is the best time for me to loose weight. I have the most motivation and determination(at least for a while) to loose weight. Probably true for most people.

Well I just was reading a friendly blog that reminded me that my goal is to have this be a short phase of my life!!! I don't want to diet forever! I don't want to be picking at myself - guilty and unhappy because I fall into temptation again and again. I have one thing that works well for me. I can maintain my weight. Not sure I can maintain my weight at 140lbs - but no matter what my weight has been, I've usually maintained it pretty well. It's pregnancy or vacations that get it off rail and then I either step it up to loose the holiday weight - or it becomes part of me. Preggo weight is the worst!!!!!

So here's where I'm at: 187 pounds(although I'm supposed to weigh in tomorrow - not looking forward to that!)

Where I want to be: 140 lbs (which might actually be 130 on my scale- my scale is 9-10 lbs lower than WW or the Dr scale...)

140 might be low for me. Especially with muscle mass - I've never really has muscle mass before - and my lowest adult weight was 155. Looking at those pics now - I was sooooo skinny!!!! But I thought I was horribly fat!

I wish my face was that skinny! Sad when you want your face to be skinny.

Anyways - because 155 was my lowest adult weight - I think I need to be int he 140's to feel I achieved my real goal. And I'm afraid if it's not the low 140's then I'll just be at 155 at the first picnic or birthday or holiday.

So, what does this mean to me? Well, I need to loose 47 pounds(57?) yikes! And It would be great to loose it by my birthday in January. Which is just cruel. Who looses weight right at the holiday? That gives me 4 months - with the last month being an obstacle course of issues. That's like 12 pounds a month!!!! Whoa - I'm so not going to make that goal!!!!

Hmm... I'll have ot think on this a bit more. Maybe If I just get to the 155 goal by my birthday - loose ALL the baby weight - that would still be an awesome goal. So that would be 32-42 pounds, about 8-10 pounds a month. Much better! Still a great challenge, but much better!

I think if I really apply myself over the next two weeks, I could start this challenge off really well. And once you start loosing weight - it's easier to stay motivated and keep your body burning and working int hat direction(or at least - that's what my mom always told me!)

So what am I going to do?

1. Put the cookies in the freezer!!! (I made homemade - organic cookies!!! - so I wouldn't have to eat processed snacks...)

2. Plan to track my food. I'm not sure if this will be with points or calories. I'd like to do calories, but I have a WW scale - and that tells me points, very handy. And I'm not used to figuring out calories.

3. Stick to the challenge plan of cardio and strength every other day. So tomorrow, that means I have to get up early and workout in the basement. Ryan is still to sick to allow me to go to the gym. I think he's getting better though.

4. Stock food with whole healthy foods - and EAT THEM! Someone at church offered up fresh peaches - as much as you want. I'm going to call her - maybe head over there tomorrow and raid her garden! See what wisdom I can glean from her. Plus I need to make lunch and dinner menues. I think I have enough meat in the fridge to come up with some good ideas.(although we've actually been eating some meat free meals!!!)

5. Drink lots of water!!! I'm afraid of returning kidney stones!!!! I need to do this anyways.

Well, I think that's about it. I should go get some shut ueye - and put the cookies away - so I won't be tempted again tomorrow! I REALLY want to do this - and I'm thankful for this redirection in my life. I've been so torn lately with my priorities - or rather not knowing what they should be. And I want to do this and be done with it. I don't want to dissapoint myself again. I do need to figureout the rest of my priorities and how to bring them to the forefront again. (like family, children, and God). And that will happen. I just need more time to think on those things. There's no clear plan of attack. Not yet - my heads a little fuzzy still(darn thyroid!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4

Wow - it's early and I have something to say! Just an update on how things are going.

First off, it's snack time here and yah know things are changing because I'm eating yogurt. I really don't care for yogurt. It's not the texture or the flavor - I don't dislike it. But to me, it's just not something I want. It's not a snack or food I care to eat. BUT I know it's good for me and a good snack while dieting. Sigh.... so here I go, making a healthy choice. I wish I was more excited about it.

Well, I did get up early and did my Turbo Jam Turbo Sculpt. It was a bit harder than I remembered. The kids did wake up before I was done, but their old enough now that they hang out for a few minutes then run upstairs to watch tv. Whew! That's a relief to me! I can't tell you the level of frustration I've had fighting with them to leave me alone during that time. No matter how early I get up - they would show up. Annoyed me to no end. But now they're older and not so insistent.

I burned about 650 calories doing the Turbo Sculpt - 45% fat burn. Then I did some abs for ten minutes and burned another 100 calories. I then went upstairs, got the baby up and started on some breakfast. Some sources say you should eat within an hour of exercising, others say 20 minutes. So either way - I wanted to get started. I ended up making a spinach omelet with some shredded cheese.

Intresting side note. I do want to count calories, but I'm more inclined to count the points. Since WW is more recent for me, I know the point values and it was just easier to figure out the points value. Plus the cheese I measured - was 0 points. I was pretty excited about that! So I added another egg to the omelete! I ended up with two full eggs and 1 egg white. I figure it was 4-5 points. I think eggs are 2 points each... but with the cheese and oil, it's probably 5 points. Plus I had a fruit flat beforehand. It's kinda like a fruit roll-up ~ but much better for you. I guess it;s like dried fruit jerky, but not too dry. They're only 1 point - and that gave me some carbs for the workout.

I'm starting to think food = energy again! This is great!!!

I need a plan for the rest of the day - especially since it included Pizza Hut. And I'm not sure how I feel restraining myself there. I just don't want to! But maybe I'll have a salad or apple before I go.

On a side note - I stepped on the scale before my shower - granted - after breakfast... but I just wanted to see how things were going. I wasn't expecting to have really lost much... or anything - but it was up a couple pounds!!! Yikes! But then I realized/remembered my TOm is right around the corner... so that's probably the reason. It makes me feel a bit betetr about my hunger levels these couple days. And if I get it out of the way this first week - then I'll have no reason to get off track in the middle of this challenge. So I'm good with it. (although I hope the bloating goes down before Monday when I weigh in!)

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Winds of Change

So it's day three of the new challenge. I finally did my measurements yesterday. As I measured, I knew and was wondering how these measurements would change with my current plan. Sure, I've slacked a bit on my exercise - working out 2 days aweek instead of 4+. And My diet has dissapeared(except for continuing with more clean foods). But I don't really see much changing - certainly not fast enough to win the challenge. And that didn't settle with me too well.

So - the point of the blog is not to wallow in the bad habits of my summer, and lets face it ~ my life. It's to recognize the changes I'm starting to make. Today - I am more thoughtful in my food choices. This is not 100% helpful, I still ate horrible in a dieters mind. BUT - I did start to think - "wait - if I eat this cookie - and then take these home... I'm going to eat them. But, if I wait, I can just have one at home - and that will cut out at least 1 cookie here... " Okay - so it's not perfect, but I'm starting to ration my calories - or at least get in the mind set to do so.

Also - today is a cardio day. I had absolutely no time in the morning.. which is common in the summer and hense why my workouts are down to 2 a week. The routine of summer would have let it slide... assuming I would workout more this week. (Although the truth is there is no plan and no available mornings to workout.) So - I made plans to workout in the evening! Not something I've done much of this summer.

So I put on my crummier workout clothes I don't like to wear out to the gym(good thing because laundry needs done!) and did my Turbo Jam Punch Kick & Jam video. In about 50 minutes I burned 850 calories 30% of which was fat calories.

So tomorrow is weights. I plan on doing the Turbo Jam Turbo Sculpt. It's going to be hard, especially since I'm a bit sore from Tuesday(especially in the shoulders) and PKJ video is also good for muscle building. That's one thing I really liked about Turbo Jam, I felt it sculpted my arms well. Especially once I started using the weighted gloves. I'm not up to that yet - but it won't be long. It's not like I'm starting from scratch here!

So - I think I'm off to a good start!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the week and to make more awesome changes! I think I might actually plan my meals for tomorrow!!! Wouldn't that be a big step for me! (ooh - I really should, because we're going to Pizza Hut for my son's birthday! yikes!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1 - 6 Week Challenge

(Whoops! I never posted this - This is from Monday the 23rd)

I didn't know when I woke up today that I was going to get back into action - but today is the start of a new challenge my friend on FB initiated. She's a Beachbody coach and she's offering the winner(highest % of weight loss) a Beachbody program(TurboJam, PX90, Slim in 6...and more) or a 1 month supply of Beachbody's Shakeology ~ which I hear is just the best of the protein shakes.

So - this prize has motivated me!!!! I personally wish this would start in a week or two when the kids are back in school and I can give a little more attention to diet, but today is just as good as any!!! She's recommending a 6 day a week program alternating cardio and stregth training days. This won't be a huge step for me, although I need to work around the summer schedule a bit harder than I have been. The hard part for me will be dieting. Ugh!!! Eating is so complicated now a days!!!

For anyone who's been reading my blog(or if you've read back just a few entries) then you'll know what we're trying to eat clean - more wholesome foods that have not been processed. It's not just about organics, but that's also a part of the clean eating. Eliminating pesticides and growth hormones and antibiotics... I still struggle with this. I just haven't found the time to pre-prepare the foods we eat regularly. Like bread. My nemisis. I probably shouldn't eat it at all, but sandwhiches are a big part of our family's life.

So here's to a new start and to new motivation!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I know - everyday should be a healthy day where I live out my healthy choices and new healthy "lifestyle." I wish I could say that were true. But "dieting" is hard for me. And I do go through spurts of healthy eating, and I am not against it(although I'm fairly "against" salads right now...) but I am currently in limbo and will return to the "healthy lifestyle" soon. aka diet.

I know I have the wrong mindset... but this is where I'm at.

I plan on returning to this focus when the kids head back to school... when the distractions of good weather fades away. When I can regularly make it to the gym, I will begin the healthy choices and healthy habits. Are they really habits when they depend so much on other circumstances?

My mind is so distracted. I find it so hard to focus or to organize anything. My mood (aka hormones) are all over the place. mostly down though. I think that the excitement of Celebration (annual BeautiControl conference) excites me so much - gives me great hope and opens my mind to possibilities... that now I'm realizing and falling short of those hopes. I want to get to the next level of BC - which I'm not sure what that means, but I want to do well at this! I really like it and there's something about the success that I really enjoy. But here I am, struggling to have spas and to make a bit of money - because I have some bills that come from this money. Maybe that's what's stressing me out too.

I'm sure alot of my weightloss efforts are wrapped up in my BC endeavor. It takes alot of my focus and can easily disrupt my mood. So, this month in particular - I put alot of effort into BC... and there are ups and downs. And I keep trying to think about how fine tune my spas. And something has to fall to the wayside...

So, did I meantion I was distracted? Because this post seems to be all over the place. But I hate to deleate it and rewrite it...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Good start!

Today was a good day! I made it to the gym - EARLY! I wasn't even trying, I just got everyone ready and we went! I had my HRM and by the end of it, I burned 1200 calories!!! I mostly did cardio. 30 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes of abs, the 30 minutes on the treadmill. I had a new song - Black Eyed Peas - I got a feelin. It's kind of a BeautiControl thing... and it really motivates me to move... so I ran alot of the 30 minutes.

I ate really good today too, except for the margarita with dinner, but I had a salad. I was so busy today making all sorts of phone calls and doing BeautiControl paperwork that I didn't have much time to eat. Or snack! That was the big thing. Plus there's nothing good in the house - guess I did a good job shopping this week!

Tomorrow - the gym again!

oh - and my pants fit better today! and I'm not just saying that because I streatched them out... and I've officially maintained my weight for the past 2-3 months. better than gaining I suppose. Good start!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is "Real" Food?

Ever since we watched "Food Inc" a couple months ago - I am continually looking for more information about how our food is produced, processed and what's in it?! Produce is not just produce anymore... and "healthy" is suspect. I have many thoughts here - so I apologize if I'm talking in circles and don't make any sense.

I was in deep conflict initially because I was in the midst of Weight Watchers. I was doing pretty good and enjoyed learning ideas of what to eat at meetings... how to stretch your points. How to eat more, enjoy more and still loose weight.

And then I watched Food Inc... realized that our food is contaminated with pesticides and engineered to be made cheaper - but not necessarily "healthier" for our nation. That our meat is full of antibiotics and growth hormones... and not only does this seep into our food - but what it does directly to those who work in those conditions - it's horrible! and I'm worried for my kids being over exposed to that stuff.

So I go home and start to open a WW bar for 1 point - and realize that what WW considers a great choice for their diet - is not a healthy choice for my body. WOAH! What?! Diet food isn't good for me? And it took some time but what I've learned is to open my mind a bit and realize that all those things on the ingredient list is not food - but a product of food science. Overly processed to conjure the idea of sweetness.

I am very thankful that at the same time I had borrowed Jillian Michael's Master Your Metabolism book... and she was touching on the same thing! But for a different purpose. She emphasized that all this processed junk is confusing our body. And it doesn't know what to do with fake sugars etc... so our bodies adapt - but then different things(like thyroids etc...) get out of wack and our body doesn't work the way it should.

So - as a family we're adjusting. The one area we have trouble adjusting to 'whole' real foods - is our snacks. I still buy the favorite snacks for my husband and kids - although I was able to buy some organic without any fuss. But I just don't have the time to bake up some stuff. Bread is another issue. We go through 2 loaves a week - probably pointing to the fact that we really should switch to organic.. but at $5-$7 a loaf - we just can't afford it! Plus noone would like such 'heavy' whole wheat bread. And I haven't started baking bread either... sigh...

And - I'm sure your starting to realize - I'm becoming a food snob. I don't want to be - but I'm seeing the signs. I passed a lady in the store today - her cart wasn't too full, so I could see what she had quickly. She was on a diet. She had bagged lettuce - the cheapest the store offers. Some veggies to go with it, rice cakes, and some kind of 100 calorie snack pack. And I just wanted to pull her aside and tell her that despite her good intentions - she wasn't being very good to her body. But as a nation we're clueless to what's going on! We see on the morning talk shows how some new study says that nutrition X is great for our bodies - and next thing you know - everything on the shelves have this great nutrient we've been missing! But what we need isn't from a box at all! What we need is what God intended us to eat - and I don't remember the day he designed boxes and grocery stores and marketing strategies...

So I'm starting to read 'In Defense of Food' by Michael Pollan. I've read enough to know that I need to read his first book! But I'm excited to absorb some more information.

I know eating whole foods is hard. It didn't happen over night for us. We still eat out - alot. We still eat frozen pizza and some convenient foods. We go back and forth on lunch meat. Again, it something we should totally switch on because we eat it so much - but the stuff without nitrites and nitrates is just not as good! And events and picnics are hard. But we've switched on some key things - meat and poultry, all dairy, all things "diet" except the occational diet coke. I've actually switched to organic lemonade for the mostpart(at home) it's just eating out which is just not right without a diet coke! But I must say - even that is changing. When we initially cut everything out - I could take a huge difference! Diet coke just tasted like chemicals to me! It was gross! And even now - cookies and sweets that have been shleved - all I can taste are what I assume are preservatives. I NEED to bake some cookies so I can enjoy a real cookie!

So I guess that's it for now. It's on my mind alot. I find it hard to think beyond what I've always know as "diet" or "healthy". Since it's sumemr - I've bypassed some of the organic choices for local produce. Not sure if that's the best choice... but I think so. From what I've read it's the main staples of the country(corn, soy, wheat..) that are blasted with pesticides because of the monoculture they're grown in. But in smaller farms that isn't the case. But who's to say really. The best thing you can do is ask.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Stress!

I'm not sure why August is turning out to be so stressful, but it is. I think it's the desire to cram in the last of summer activities but you've already obligated your time elsewhere.

We do have a few additional stressors right now. The first is Mike is currently interviewing for a few jobs at a different company. The whole idea of switching companies and the "what ifs" really get to yah! Also - our dryer broke and is not worth repairing. So we're looking for a good scratch and dent. And then tonight I rear ended someone. totally my fault. Hope the insurance doesn't go up to much for that!

And the biggest thing in my life is I'm getting my BeautiControl business off the ground again. I'm not happy with doing only 1 spa a month - I want to grow it into something a bit more. I want to do more spas a month - so it's taken me a bit of work to do that, hosting a few spas myself... following up on some leads - but now I've got 3 outside spas this month. I'm pretty happy with that! Although I think I'd like 1 more... maybe I'll get it at the spa coming this next week.

So the depressing part of all this - and I'm hoping my monthly is to blame, but nothing fits. I'm not comfortable in much of anything. The worst was my shorts which I had to inch up every time I was bending. sigh.... I don't want to go there! I've only put on about 3 pounds, but I think I'm loosing muscle. This next week should actually be normal, so I should get to the gym more. Hopefully I won't forget the kids gymnastics class again! Again, stressful week!

I did eat most of a pan of brownies... and I've been eating whatever I want. I was going to be "healthier" by eating a lunch meat sandwich. But I think the turkey went bad. so I tossed it and had a meatball sandwich and mashed potatoes. with extra salt.

I love reading all the blogs with pics of all the healthy things they've eaten. They must have a crazy easy way to upload those photos. And they must not have kids - because every meal is whole foods prepared. Sure they save some for lunch leftovers the next day- but seriously - where did you find the time and energy - and creativity?!?! I'm thrilled with my natural chicken and steamed broccoli and REAL mashed potatoes - lumps included! (with organic butter and milk...)It was goooood too! Sorry -no pics here!

So I'm trying to to fret about money. We have alot of plans this week - all my husband's doing... so he better not complain. But we're taking the kids to see Toy Story 3 for the first time(we're so negligent). And we have dinner plans with friends on Monday - plus we want to see another movie - not sure if we can extend the babysitter that much! But we need to buy a dryer and now the car and will we take a pay cut for this new job? Not likely - guess we'll find out how much Mike wants the job... That's why I relax when I think about my BeautiControl... I just relax knowing I have spas on the calender, and although I am out of my comfort zone at time - making calls or asking the questions... we all have a good time and I get some money in my bank account.

And this next week - I will exercise and eat slightly better... not going to make any grand promises!!! but exercising will help control the food cravings... hopefully I'll get to the gym in the morning... depends if Mike insists on shopping for more dryers! Better than me goign to the laundromat again.