Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretend Your On a Diet

Sometimes when trying to lose weight I get to the point where I realize I'm trying to cheat 'the system' and see how much I can get away with and still see progress. Why am I surprised when I see little or no results?! I count my calories, I work out and I know I can have a snack and so I reach for the cookies! What?! So every now and again I have this moment of clarity when I realize I should just try and pretend I'm actually on a diet and first grab an apple or a carrot and not the cookies. That's what a diet is supposed to look like, right? I know we don't need to starve ourselves and forbidding anything you desire will probably result in disaster- but at least let's try and pretend we're on a diet!!! I think that's why we try all sorts of crazy diets too- so in some way we can cheat with out actually cheating. We can avoid fruits and veggies because we're on a low carb diet and eat lots of meat, cheese, and eggs. Nevermind veggies are supposed to be key to that type of diet. But instead of a fruit or veggie snack we'll grab nuts or cheese- calorie dense foods. Not the quickest way to lose weight. Just an example of things I've done in the past... that didn't get me far very fast. Just to note, I'm actually making progress and chose fruit to help me get through the morning. I'm also meeting friends at a fast food joint today and have already picked my calories- a grilled chicken salad with no cheese, light on the dressing. Plus two chicken nuggets. Today will be another great day- despite my location at lunchtime. Workout Update: I've started the Turbo Fire workout program. I was freaking out about eating more calories with less workout time, and the scale did jump a pound, but it's back down again and I feel like I'm making progress. Today is my rest day and I need it. I might do some Just Dance Wii with my daughter tonight just to get the blood pumping a little.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turbo Fire 5 Day Inferno Plan Results

Well, I actually completed something, and completed it well! I'm not sure what inspired me last week to begin this program, but I'm glad I gave it a go! I considered it when I first received the TF program, but the workouts were too new to me and I think it best to be acquainted with the program and workouts before starting 5 days of intensity. Basic details of 5 Day Inferno Program: - 1200 calories per day - 60 minutes of intense workout each day. The diet plan was easy to follow with reasonable recipes. I picked out my favorites from the plan and tweaked things to be my own. I was surprised how easily I adjusted to 1200 calories, I'm used to almost 2000 per day. I really enjoyed the workouts, and although I didn't do as many HIIT workouts as outlined, I did what I was capable of as close to the plan as possible. My Results: Lost 3 pounds Lost 1/2 inch off my hips and bust Lost 1 inch off my waist Any progress in inches didn't show up until the last day. But any change in inches in just 5 days is amazing! Secretly excited because this quickly brought my body shape back to what it was before Christmas, even though the pounds aren't exactly the same. I'm also hoping to see more and better results in a few days. I started my period in the middle of this 5 day plan. But I still lost weight and inches. I know I have extra water weight. It also means I avoided the time of the month were I tend to gain weight and it derails any momentum and progress I've made. What's Next? I'm going to jump right in to the Turbo Fire workout plan after a day of rest. It's strongly recommended to not exceed 5 days of this program. Technically I did 6 of the inferno plan, but did not workout on day 5. It was Valentine's day and I had a busy day planned. But I only had about 1400 calories for the day- another success for me! Anything is possible! For TF I'm allowed 1850 calories. This is sure going to be an adjustment. I'm afraid I'll let snacks take over my life like they had before. I am going to try to follow their diet plan again to establish the appropriate habits and keep seeing success. I looked at the schedule and I'm kinda disappointed with how easy it looks! I'm used to rocking it for an hour each day, now some days are a short 20 min HIIT, still intense, but I'm sure I won't feel 'done'. I guess that's what my elliptical is for. Or I'll add some abs into the program. I feel like I can actually accomplish my goals, not necessarily this whole program but make a difference in my body and lose some weight before the summer.