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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Well - this week has had it's ups and downs.

I finally saw my doctor about my thyroid. My numbers were indeed out of whack and my medication has been altered. I also made sure to specify that I got the brand medication and not the generic. I remembered him mentioning that when I first started the medication that the brand worked much better than the generic, but some how along the way I switched.

It's been 4 days and I am feeling much better. I wouldn't say I'm thinking clearly, but I have alot more energy and motivation. I feel like things are possible to accomplish. And that yes, maybe I can begin to loose weight again.

Despite some renewed hope on the weight loss front, I've eaten like a pig this week. Well, maybe not that bad- but not good. I'm holding out for New Years - but trying to not ruin myself in the meantime. Well, ruin any more...

So far the damage is +10 lbs since August.

It's very clear to me that my thyroid had alot to do with my energy levels and my mood. I just stayed up till midnight dusting the living room. I haven't dusted for at least 6 weeks. You'll know I'm better when I can actually remember when I last did something.

He informed me that so many things, and all the things I mentioned to him, can change or be magnified thru the thyroid. That was nice to hear because I was feeling rather depressed and didn't know if I needed to see a counselor. I'll give this some time to see if this helps. It's funny though - thru out the conversation he asked me pointed questions where I would answer with an example- and I kept feeling like I was not giving him the best answer or couldn't remember all that I wanted to say. Later I remembered what I should have said. And it's just another clear example of how I've lost my mind because of my thyroid. I can't believe I forgot to tell him these things!!! Not that it mattered- he got the point... but sheeesh! This mental problem I'm having is BAD!

Alright - enough said. I'll be back when I'm actually ready to make some changes.

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