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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling All Moms!!!

Hello? are you out there?

I'm reading alot of blogs lately - I find them very motivating in my weight loss journey... but where are all the moms? It's all these women in thier 20's and 30's who work and are cooking these amazing meals that include whole ingredients - half of which I've never heard of! And then trying to fit in exercise in the evenings. Which is very cool - and obviously I'm attracted to a certain type of blogger.

But I could never do exactly that! the kids would never eat that unique of a meal - I'm not sure I want to! and then you need all the prep time and clean up time... that would certainly be interrupted... it's just not so cut and dry.

And exercise is my problem right now. My schedule is not my own. This week is VBS and gymnastics. Plus I'm driving a friend's son to and from VBS a couple days this week - and it's all during my morning gym time.

I'd like to see a young(er) mom who is finding ways to eat healthy and fit in exercise - so maybe I can glean some ideas from her... but she obviously needs time to blog all about it- so I can read all about it!

So - maybe this will have to be me! Although I don't think I'm as good of a writer - or have the time to devote to it... but I guess I just need to get over myself a little. I am surprised though at how few friends I know who really spend a lot of time exercising and all that. They diet more, I think. And I lack discipline - so I don't relate to that as well.

I guess this brings me to another topic in my life - friends. I'm having trouble relating to people lately. But I think it's because we're in different seasons of life. People make friends that are convenient. For example - if our kids are the same age - if they're in the same activities and classes - it's MUCH easier to maintain those friendships. And now that it's summer - it's gotten a bit harder. Friends I saw alot during the winter months at church or regular activities - aren't going on - and so if I want to maintain those relationships - I need to call and make an appointment, I guess! sorry, playdate. And then bitterness and loneliness creeps in, because noone is calling me. It's quickly a slipperly slope of self pity- and I try not to let myself get there. It's summer - everyone is busy. I can't change anything but my attitude and go from there. sigh...

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