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Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Stress!

I'm not sure why August is turning out to be so stressful, but it is. I think it's the desire to cram in the last of summer activities but you've already obligated your time elsewhere.

We do have a few additional stressors right now. The first is Mike is currently interviewing for a few jobs at a different company. The whole idea of switching companies and the "what ifs" really get to yah! Also - our dryer broke and is not worth repairing. So we're looking for a good scratch and dent. And then tonight I rear ended someone. totally my fault. Hope the insurance doesn't go up to much for that!

And the biggest thing in my life is I'm getting my BeautiControl business off the ground again. I'm not happy with doing only 1 spa a month - I want to grow it into something a bit more. I want to do more spas a month - so it's taken me a bit of work to do that, hosting a few spas myself... following up on some leads - but now I've got 3 outside spas this month. I'm pretty happy with that! Although I think I'd like 1 more... maybe I'll get it at the spa coming this next week.

So the depressing part of all this - and I'm hoping my monthly is to blame, but nothing fits. I'm not comfortable in much of anything. The worst was my shorts which I had to inch up every time I was bending. sigh.... I don't want to go there! I've only put on about 3 pounds, but I think I'm loosing muscle. This next week should actually be normal, so I should get to the gym more. Hopefully I won't forget the kids gymnastics class again! Again, stressful week!

I did eat most of a pan of brownies... and I've been eating whatever I want. I was going to be "healthier" by eating a lunch meat sandwich. But I think the turkey went bad. so I tossed it and had a meatball sandwich and mashed potatoes. with extra salt.

I love reading all the blogs with pics of all the healthy things they've eaten. They must have a crazy easy way to upload those photos. And they must not have kids - because every meal is whole foods prepared. Sure they save some for lunch leftovers the next day- but seriously - where did you find the time and energy - and creativity?!?! I'm thrilled with my natural chicken and steamed broccoli and REAL mashed potatoes - lumps included! (with organic butter and milk...)It was goooood too! Sorry -no pics here!

So I'm trying to to fret about money. We have alot of plans this week - all my husband's doing... so he better not complain. But we're taking the kids to see Toy Story 3 for the first time(we're so negligent). And we have dinner plans with friends on Monday - plus we want to see another movie - not sure if we can extend the babysitter that much! But we need to buy a dryer and now the car and will we take a pay cut for this new job? Not likely - guess we'll find out how much Mike wants the job... That's why I relax when I think about my BeautiControl... I just relax knowing I have spas on the calender, and although I am out of my comfort zone at time - making calls or asking the questions... we all have a good time and I get some money in my bank account.

And this next week - I will exercise and eat slightly better... not going to make any grand promises!!! but exercising will help control the food cravings... hopefully I'll get to the gym in the morning... depends if Mike insists on shopping for more dryers! Better than me goign to the laundromat again.

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