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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Reason to Lose Weight

So I had kind of a "Duh!" moment today. The actual conversation happened about a month ago - and today I remembered it and finally put two and two together.

Me being at a healthy weight is more than just wanting to look good and feel better about myself. But now I realize that my weight sets a tone for my oldest daughter. This is not my 6 year old Paige - although I'm sure it applies to her as well. But my 15 year old daughter Sarah - who I placed for adoption.

I actually get to see her and her mom somewhat regularly. They go to the same gym as me. Now, I only see Sarah why she's off of school, and today was one of those days. And seeing them and talking briefly about new healthy habits they're embarking on... reminded me of when I saw her mom a month ago.

Sarah wasn't there, but we saw mom and she(we) were talking about Sarah's birthday and how she's almost to the age where I got pregnant with her ~ SCARY!!! (on sooo many levels!) Anyways - she said Sarah was self conscious about her weight. Sarah is not fat - but still kinda between the young kid stage and grown teenage stage. Seeing her today I thought she looked better than she did this summer, actually. Anyways - her mom commented how I have never been super slim(it's okay - she said it politely...) and so she shouldn't beat herself up since she's obviously has a medium build... blah blah blah...

So today - it made me realize... I am not some hefty medium build. Sure - I look big and puffy now... but I know the real me isn't like that. I know I can be at a healthy weight and I'd look pretty good! So my daughter needs to see that. She needs to know that if she wants to - she can be and stay at a healthy weight - and I don't have to be an excuse for her.

I know alot of people want to lose weight for their kids... but I've never had health problems related to my weight... so it's never bothered me. And my kids now seem to have enough of their father's wired state - that I think they'll be just fine. They even like the healthy foods... So they're off to a good start. I just now need to get my act together so Sarah knows she can too. Not that I think she needs to lose weight... but that she's beautiful where she's at and that she isn't doomed to look like me at 200 pounds.

So today - I worked out twice. Once at the gym(ran for 25 minutes) and then at home I rocked it out to some new music hubby downloaded for me - for about 45 minutes. It felt good. I feel ready for Thanksgiving. And I got on the scale - I'm only 1 pound up from my high fluctuation... (that would be 191. 185 is the low point, just FYI.)

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  1. #1 I think it's great that you have a relationship with your adopted daughter's family.

    #2 I think it's great that you want to be a healthy role model to your kids.

    You can totally do it! Happy Thanksgiving!