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Friday, September 30, 2011

Official 1 week Wheat-Free

I don't know that I ever followed a diet as well as I've followed this one. It's really just one rule- but it eliminates so much in our culture!!!

I didn't cheat once, at least to my knowledge. So what are the results? How do I feel?

1. Well - first of all - it's amazing I stuck to this, and with such ease. I never stick to any diet all that well. So this in and of itself is amazing. Truly points to the increase in cravings/appetite being caused by wheat.

2. Wasn't as hungry. I was satisfied with less and needed to snack less. I kept snacks around though and would snack before a meal because my food would always be prepared after the rest of my family was fed.

3. I came down with a cold. hmmm?

4. Slightly gas-y but still able to socialize!

5. I lost 3 pounds!!! Whoo Hoo! Two pounds were in the first two days, so probably mostly water weight. That's okay.

6. I lost 1 inch in my waist and 1 inch in my hips!! AWESOME! I was a bit worried because I did measure myself halfway through the week and there was no change... but I'm very excited about this! It took me a month with Jillian Michael's to lose the same amount of inches and weight.

So I'm planning on staying wheat free. I'm limiting my other grains(mostly oats and corn) to once a day. I just tried a grain-free pancake recipe, not too bad! So I will have at least 1 more breakfast grain-free. I've also been eating a baked pumpkin-pie oatmeal. Obviously has grains but makes breakfast fast. I altered my granola recipe so it has no wheat in it, but obviously has oats. I also found some corn chips w/ flax seeds which I have occasionally for a salty/crunchy snack. But not every day. I eat chocolate. So I may need to find a grain-free brownie, that would be awesome.

This next week I plan on making more soup, to eat, probably a minestrone. I also want to try to make a cauliflower pizza crust. I meant to this week but timing didn't work out.

My biggest issue is we're going out of town for the weekend. I'm okay with that, unless we hit a continental breakfast w/ cereal and pastries. But I'll bring my snacks and granola bars + fruit. I'll make it work.

I'm actually afraid to eat wheat and have a sudden bowel movement attack! Especially when I'm out, so that helps me make wise choices when eating out. I'll report back next week!

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