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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wheat-Free Update

Well, my first attempt at removing wheat from my diet didn't go so well. I certainly did make some wheat free choices and adjusted to accommodate, but then I would give in and choose the sweet, wheat-filled snack. So it wasn't really wheat-free.

But I'm refocused and rededicated to giving it a real try. Today is my third day totally wheat free. At least to the best of my knowledge. I say that because this evening we stopped at McDonald's for dinner after a trip to an out of town zoo. I got a quarter pounder(no bun) and I ate some fries. I knew there was a possibility that the meat would have "filler" that might contain some wheat. It must have. Within the half hour I was in desperate need of a bathroom. This can be very common when wheat is reintroduced. Although I am a bit surprised because it hasn't been that long. Of course - we are talking McD's though - not stellar food.

So I'm determined to give it a try. I keep reading accounts of how people lost weight and inches within the first two weeks. So I'm testing it out. I'm more prepared with wheat-free snacks and meal ideas. It's been surprisingly easy. It helps that it's not all carbs that are restricted so when eating out, a potato is an excellent choice! (~for the most part.) I'm eating a fair amount of fruit - which I usually resist for some reason. And I'm really not tempted by the cupcakes and fresh bread. Sure - I wanted the chicken bruchetta chibatta at the restaurant... but I got a smothered chicken breast with smashed potatoes and garden salad instead.

Right now my favorite wheat-free snacks include:
- Trail mix w/ a mix of nuts, raisins, M&M's
- Dried apricots
- Homemade granola bars(also a quick breakfast w/ some raw milk)
- Apple slices w/ PB
- Homemade yogurt w/ honey

I keep some trail mix and apricots in the car to keep hunger and temptation away when I drive. I'm trying to be more sensitive to my hunger levels. I don't eat a whole granola bar because I should finish it. I'll eat part and save the rest for later, when a few bites can hold me off to the next meal.

I'm loving waking up in the morning to see if the scale shows a difference - so far 2 pounds down!!! We'll see what tomorrow holds!

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