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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Week Wheat Free

So it's been a full week of my plan. As of last Monday I've been wheat free. I haven't been as low carb as I would like, I'm having trouble taming my sweet tooth. I'm not eating white sugar, but I made cookies with agave nectar and I have about 2-4 of those a day. Also, several of my meals had potatoes in them. Not the best if trying to be low carb, but for a start week, I was okay with it.

I did cheat once on Saturday with 2 pieces of Papa Johns(+ a bowl of ice cream). I had spent the whole day baking different grain free treats and was wiped out. I had a plan for dinner, I just didn't feel like it. And Mike has been struggling with this new eating plan. He's hungry and unsatisfied often. But he's not following the plan as he should be(lots of Dr. Pepper).

So how was the week? Pretty good. I lost 2 pounds which was enough to get me down lower than I've been in a while. I've also noticed I feel better. It's hard to explain- yes my energy is up, but it just feels easier to get around. For example, sitting on the floor. I hate sitting on the floor. I do it, to play with the kids, but I feel uncomfortable and fat. Leaning forward to play the game is just annoying and uncomfortable. Well- now that feeling is kinda gone. My shape hasn't changed, I just feel less bloated or blah when sitting down.

I also noticed myself doing just a little bit more with the things I normally avoid. Yesterday I let the kids play at the playground for a little bit, and I didn't mind running around playing with them. It felt good. I also hesitated in putting Ryan down for an early nap- but I did it. (Which means a wrestling match to carry him up the stairs - no easy task!)Normally I would have let him skip the nap knowing he would get 20 minutes in the car later- and also be crabby in the evening. But I didn't choose the lazy, tired route this time. And he napped great!

So subtle difference that only I would notice, but it's nice to feel a bit more normal and proactive and energetic. I'm hoping to stay on task a little better this week. I'm really focused and want to do this. I'm disappointed when I feel I slipped just a little bit(too much trail mix w/ dried fruits..)

I mentioned I did some baking over the weekend. That was a bit discouraging at first. I made granola bars, but realized my wheat free standby recipe has some unapproved sugars- so I had to adjust. I made blueberry grain free muffins- turned out a bit dense and I'm not a huge fan of blueberries anyways(thought Mike would like these..)Also make a chocolate cupcake- tastes a bit too dark for me. I made the recommended chocolate gnash- which sounded similar to my eclair topping... yeah- horrible dark. I'm obviously not getting the hang of my new $$$ stevia sweetener... so that got ruined and then tossed. I sat at the kitchen table discouraged for a while until I thought to make a cream cheese icing. I did use a bit powder sugar to get the right taste- so the cupcakes are saved and now pretty good. I also made two batches of brownies(real normal Betty Crocker brownies) and I did try them- as I took them to party/events... they were horrible. I'm glad I passed on the good Ghirideli brownies or I might have been tempted.

So now I have to be careful to not eat too many of these treats in one day - not sure all this nut flour will help me loose weight. But it is on plan... I still need to make veggies the focus of my eating, not just wheat free goodies.

I'm just excited I'm moving down!

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