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Monday, February 20, 2012

Back on Track

So we're back on track and making progress! Last Sunday we started again, with a plan and prepared alot of food for the week. I also focused on having more veggies with each mean, since that was kinda lacking the last time ~ mostly just with lunches. Sweet treats were still a problem, so I tried a few brownie recipes- and now I think brownies are ruined for me. I initially thought it was the sweetener I used, but I decided it was the coconut flour I used. I just don't like it! BLAH!

So I have another plan for this week and it looks solid. I don't know if I have a solid plan for my sweet tooth. I made vanilla ice cream, but I think I used too much sweetener. The sweetener of the moment is Truvia. The ice cream was okay, and I didn't take too much, but by the bottom of the bowl my throat was kinda burning. So this is good for a small treat, as it should be. I might try to make another cookie, but I still have to make granola bars this week, so we'll see. It wears me out to make so much food!

I was worried this past weekend because we went on a mini-vacation to an indoor water park. We ate dinner out, but lunch would have to be in. And it's expensive and that sways me more than the proper diet. We decided to get a full pizza and split it. Plus pitcher of pop, which was not diet. But, I had hardly any snacks, and if I did it was just a few nuts or grapes. The pizza was incredibly filling. I had 1.5 slices... and I probably shouldn't have. The whole weekend was really about me listening to my body and how full I was. I still pushed myself when there were just a few bites of something yummy- but it was very obvious when I was full. And the results? no weight gain or loss after the water park!

I was also not so happy with my choices yesterday, the last day of the weekend. It wasn't horrible, but BBQ chicken w/ sugar in the sauce, potatoes and corn... things I probably shouldn't have. Plus some chocolates. But yah know what? I was down almost 2 pounds this morning!! Very excited!

I have a tendency to stay on track through a difficult situation/circumstance but then totally cave once I'm back in the safe zone. I was worried I just undid everything by having too many extras yesterday. I'm definitely motivated to be strong this week and keep this momentum going! I have a plan and some yummy food ideas. Just need to keep the sweet tooth at bay!

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  1. I struggle with the safe zone too. I really need to work on that! Congrats on the loss!

    Keep focused!