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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update After Week 1

Well, it's a slippery slope with wheat. I was really having trouble satisfying my sweet tooth and eventually I just gave in and ate things I shouldn't have. I don't think I over did my regular normal eating, I just started eating carbs and stuff I shouldn't.

But I had a realization today - and I'm not sure it was earth shattering enough for me to totally change my ways for good, but definitely helpful and eye opening.

So, I got my blood work results to see if my current dose of Synthroid is helping regulate my hypothyroidism. I guess I was secretly hoping that it wasn't- so that I could change the dose and that would help me. My main issues due to my thyroidism are tiredness and lack of energy(this is a big one), depressed, lack of mental clarity(this is a troublesome one,) trouble focusing, trouble losing weight(I'm hoping!), and a few other possible things. My doctor definitely agreed that my hormones(or moodiness/mental-stuff) was or could definitely be related to the thyroid because so much is affected with the thyroid and intensified. (I'm no doctor, I'm just remembering what he told me a few months ago.) So getting it regulated should help.

Well, the blood results showed that the new, higher dose is perfect. I'm exactly where I should be now. Great.

Now, I noticed just this past week all the energy I had, the ease and willingness to get up and move and do things. I was even being more productive and clear in my thinking. But yah know what- I don't think it's because of the medication. I've been taking this dose for 6-8 weeks. Although sometimes not as regularly as I should, but definitely since the new year I've made a big effort to take it everyday- just for the blood work(and, um, me!).

So it seems to me that it was probably my diet that helped me feel better and more energetic. Which is great - because I haven't been feeling myself for quite a while. But it stinks because then I can't eat donuts all day everyday. So, I know now that choosing to go wheat free is beneficial to me- and something I can see right now. I just rather take a pill and have my issues go away. I know I don't really want to take medication and I don't really want that - but it would be easier. Besides, the only that has changed are me eating habits this past week.

So is it enough to scare me strait into a wheat-free lifestyle for good? Not really. I still would prefer to do that, but I might eat an ice cream sandwich before I go cold turkey again. My plan right now is to give it another go- possibly a little longer this time, a solid two weeks or maybe three, and see how I feel. I think I was just on the brink of feeling a difference, so I'd like to see if there's a bigger difference, especially in my mental clarity. I didn't notice any concrete improvements there.

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