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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eye Opener

Ugh... I had an eye opener today, and it wasn't pretty. I went to they gym today to work out, despite the kids program at school and my mom ditching me for work and my husband ditching me for christmas shopping. I can't be totally mad, he was shopping for me!

Anyways - I was kind of looking forward to exercising alone and really getting to listen to my music. I did fairly well - but I relaized (at just the right time) that usually theres a class at noon. So I looked to check it out and it was Zumba basics. I wanted a "good" workout, so I passed on it. Well, after 15-20 minutes of running, I decided zumba would be more fun. So I joined the class late. Then I got buzzed 5 minutes into it. But 5 minutes was long enough for me to look in the mirror. And it wasn't pretty. I knew my shirt was tighter, but I thought that was because I naturally shrink things. Maybe I don't. Maybe I'm just getting bigger. Sigh...

I really need to lay off the cookies.

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