Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, December 13, 2010


So today was actually a pretty big day for me! As you might have read - I did alot of exercise today for the first time in a few weeks. I did 25 min on the cross trainer(the hard one!) and ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. (about 2 miles)

This afternoon I was back at the gym because my boy had a sports class. So I went to the running track that circles the gym. I was planning on walking so I wouldn't need a second shower for the day. But I saw the sign... 20 laps = 1 mile.


So I decided to run a mile. But I would break it up into segments. 5 laps at a time. This is big for me because I've never run off of a treadmill. I've been afraid of the 5K because I've not run outside ever. (Well, I guess I did for a stint in high school... but that was a long time ago and 50 pounds lighter.)

Anyways - it was hard!!! Harder than I hoped it would be. But I was able to push through it. But I didn't like it. I was proud I finished. But I sure was huffing and puffing!!

Part of me dreams to run the bigger races. Of course start with a few 5Ks... but I think I'd like to sign up for the half marathon at Disney. We're going to Disney next fall... and I know they have races once or twice a year. I'm afraid of a Marathon... and especially after today - WOW! I can't imagine ever running 26 miles strait!!!

But I think I have a goal for myself. I need to share it with Mike... and make it real. I wish I had a partner in this. I think that would be a TON more fun. But as I was running - well, honestly it was as I was catching my breath!! - I was imagining and thinking of how I could train. How I'd have to make running outside a priority in the summer - maybe in the evening when Mike was home..

I want to be a runner.

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  1. I've never been able to run (or really cared to). Keep doing what you are doing and eventually you will be running that mile at the gym with NO problem!