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Friday, June 18, 2010

Feeling Good - Making Progress!!

I'm not sure why I'm motivated - I guess I'm bouncing back well from TOM. I've definitly had some set backs this week - as it's strawberry season and I've eaten more than my share of sweetened desserts! But - tis the season - right? I LOVE strawberry season!!! LOVE IT!

Anyways - I wentt o my Total Body class today - I've not been in over a month. Sometimes it's a Dr appt - I was out of town two weeks - gettign ready to go camping on week - just wanted to sleep in another day... life just happens on Friday - what can I say??? Well, I was in today - and I didn't have the front mirror- but had one to my side. I know clothes can definitely make a difference, and I was wearing "cute" clothes - but I looked pretty good!!!! My mom has said that after you loose a bit a weight - it evens itself out. For example - you might initially loose weight up top - but later it'll even itself out. I think that's what happened, because I haven't lost much since I had been in class last... and I was still looking flabby then. I thought I looked pretty good today - and I could see the muscle in my arms!!! I've been working on my arms a bit - but not with very much purpose. And I've kinda been bummed that my arms still look fat. But that's my fault - I wans't too worried - just wanted a different look. We can still dream and wish even if we dont' take the actions to get there - right? So anyways - I was wondering how that muscle got there - since I wasn't doing much. Must be the occasional boot camp and 300 push ups these crazy classes make me do from time to time.

I had such a great class today!

I really love the Total Body class- because it pushes me - and works those ugly areas(like thighs!!!) but I can still go to the gym tomorrow. Boot camp and kickboxing are awesome - because they're hard and get you results quickly - but oh my!!! I can't do too much for the next week - least of all run!!!

So I've been stepping on my home scale - I'm getting close to my pre-Ryan weight. Lovign that!! It's motivating me because I could get down there in just two weeks if I try and really stay on track. That would be another 5 pounds lost! Although technically I need to loose 10 pounds to be the real pre-Ryan weight. I think I either got lazy or it was the pregnancy itself - and I put on 5 pounds. Then I found out I was preggo. But I don't care- I'll start with the 5 pounds - then work towrads the next 5. It's more motivaing to me to look at my own scale - because I know those numbers... And those speak more to me that the WW numbers. At WW - it's 10 pounds higher! So at WW I'm at 195ish - but at home, I'm about to fall below 185! It seems like I've been in the 190's at WW for a long time(because I have!!!) and it seems like I will always be there. Which gives me no motivation. But it is the true number - not my scale. So when I do get the WW scale down to some low numbers - it will mean alot more to me!

This is the first time that I actually feel like I can loose some weight over the summer. I've even been eating salads for lunch!!! The world has turned upside down!!!! I am not a salad person - although I am learning to like a variety of dressings. And I'm finding some ways to make the salads tastier. If I workout - I'm definitly motvated to eat healthy.

I'm on track today - looks liek I might be down a pound - I just need to not screw it up this weekend. My obstacles: 1. Dinner out tonight. 2. Graduation party tomorrow 3. Possible lunch out with a friend on Sunday. Whew!!! What's a girl to do?!?! BUT I am plannign on going to the gym tomorrow - and right now I am very low in points because I had that salad for lunch.

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