Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, June 21, 2010


Evenings are the worst time for me!!! I can do good all day - count my points through dinner - have three left for an evening snack(like tonight) and then I go and screw it all up. Because I start to realize - "hey - I worked out today!" " I burned 1000 cals today!" And there go the points. I don't even count them - although I'm cautious - like my dh will reprimand me... but I'll eat a little more... and the ball keeps rolling.

Well - I think I had an epiphany tonight! I do so good during the day because I worked out. Well - what if I did a little in the evening. And I do mean little - like abs or some kid of floor exercise. Right after the kids go to bed. We usually wait till then to eat a snack anyways - we don't like to share with them!!!

So I think I will try that. That will give me a little more ab work - and maybe encourage me not to throw the day away.

Now if only I could stop reading blogs and go to bed!

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