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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So. Have you heard about all the food debate issues? have you watched Food Inc? do you know where your food comes and what's in it?

It's a big can of worms and so much could be said. If you haven't watched Food Inc. - do so. Even if you don't change a thing - just be informed. Even if you think it's biased - maybe it is, but there's still some truth there irregardless and you can do with t as you wish.

So I'm sitting at a table with other women tongiht - and I see a water bottle. It should be filled with water. But it's pink. It's probably Crystal Light. I used to drink Crystal Light. I thought it was great because I drank my water every day. It helped keep my sugar cravings at bay. And now I won't touch it.

I was on vacation and asked my step-mil to get fresh fruit and some of what she gets is Golden Delish apples. She also shows me her collectiong of WW snacks. I had kinda mentioned to her that we've switched to organic - yet the milk is - just milk.

But is it?

What is it?

It's milk, but it's been chemically processed to be rid of harmful elements. It's from cows that are fed antibiotics.
Golden Delish apples are a GMF(genetically modified food) not to mention the pesticides sprayed on it. I don't need my apple to look beautiful to eat it. It tasted horrible to.
WW - great company - trying to offer it's clientele "healthy" alternatives. But have you read the label? what's in that stuff? chemicals! ingredients produced in a lab to make the product sweet without calories - or rich without butter.. come one people? if you can't pronounce it - why are you eating it? If you don't knwo where that product is coming from - why would you put it in your body??!!?! No wonder people have cancer!!!

I look at food completely different. If it's not organic - is it real? Which sounds off the wall - but let's look at the tomato. They're grown, but then they're taken to a factory. Wait - we need to back up!!!! Before they're taken to the factory - you can't just dump them in a truck - they'd be squished! So they're picked green - while they're still hard. Then taken to the factory to be boxed up and shipped out. but before that happens... when they're at the right stage of process - they gas them with ethylene gas. That's the stuff used to gas the stray dog noone wants. And that turns the tomatoes red. I don't know about you - but I don't usually peel my tomatoes. You're EATING THAT!!!!!

I feel deceived in so many ways. So I turn to organics. I turn to whole foods. I thirst for more information about my food and I avoid "diet" foods. Because all they're doing is filling me with chemical s and dyes that are confusing my body and slowly poisoning me. It's inhibiting my body from fuctioning to it's potential. I don't want to do it anymore!

I haven't given up regular foods. I still eat out. I didn't throw away my whole cubbord. But they're still there. Slowly - on occation I eat a diet bar. But like - one a week, not two a day. And when I break down and eat a diet bar - or flavored chips - or a frozen dinner - I taste preservatives. It's not clean to me. It's been tainted and I taste it. I still eat it - but it's lost it's luster. I know too much. And I know I made an easy choice - not the right choice or the healthy choice.

And I look at that crystal light - and to me - it's undrinkable. And I wonder - what is real food?

What have I been eating all this time? Chips are dusted in "flavorings" - what is that? it's MSG that makes me want more. It's food coloring - why do I need that!?? I'm just angry. Why was there is veil that this was real food - that this was an option? BLAH!! And you know what tastes the worst?!?! Cookies. Cookies with preservatives. I'm expecting a homemade taste and I'm deeply dissapointed. And It's like I want to stop eating it - because it's kind of gross. But I can't. I WANT a cookie. I'm invested in eating this cookie. But it's really not very good. sigh...

And then of course - what's for dinner? I don't know - are there any choices left? I guess I'm just thankful I didn't jump on this bandwagon earlier when organics wern't picking up steam. Of course - I might be healthier if I did - but the road is carved out. The information is there and more coming all the time.

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