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Friday, April 13, 2012

P90X - Day 12

Have no fear, I'm still going strong!

It's amazing how on the second week I feel so much stronger and capable and the soreness is almost nonexistent. Don't worry, I'm working hard ~ I promise!

Yesterday was hard for me though. Mike is away and the kids have been stressing me out. My plan was to do my video(Yoga X) after the kids went to bed. So maybe not starting the day with exercise changes my ambition level for the day? I started out eating well, but during the afternoon my mood and willpower sunk. I ate a large cookie. A few pieces of chocolate. Then the leftovers(pizza and fries) from a restaurant. Then we got in the car and bought a Hot N Ready Pizza and Crazy Bread. I did, however, make salad and added alot of chicken to mine to help fill me up. I think I only ate one piece of pizza. And yah know what? I finally lost the first pound of this whole experiment. WHAT?!?!

I will never understand my body.

But, hopefully I'm starting the downward cycle. I know alot of people say they don't lose initially with P90X, but eventually it does come off. Hopefully I'll start losing a few - Lord knows I have a few to lose! I did notice the other day my pants fitting better, so I snuck a peak at my measurements. I'm already seeing a difference!!! And that's what matters! Can't wait to get to Day 30 and see the results. I'll post pictures.

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