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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

P90x = Time Consuming!

I think any time you adjust to something new, it will literally take some time to do so. And so it is!

I'm not sure why, since the diet isn't too far off from how we ate beforehand. The burdensome aspect is probably coming from not only planning every morsel for me but also for my husband. I can never follow a meal plan to the letter, but they give you the building blocks to do so. For example; how many proteins, dairy, fruits, veggies etc... You should consume in a day. Unfortunately my husband and I are on different levels of that plan so I have to work more protein and dairy into my day. It doesn't sound too difficult, but it was. For someone like me who is not naturally organized, keeping track of two people's diet is pretty stressful and overwhelming! I wondered how long I could keep this up!

Until finally I stopped keeping track and set a plan. A pretty firm, but average day plan. I decided we don't have to follow it to the letter but I can just look at the plan and know what I need to pack for my husband's lunch and snacks at work. I don't have to rethink the whole process every day. It seems simple and it's already helped a lot. The nutrition plan is still time consuming ~ cooking two batches of egg white omelets each morning, having all the salad fixing washed and ready to go, having meat and more meat ready to eat all the time! I'm going to make some protein bars to help with all this~ just another thing I need to do!

But in the end, I think it's necessary and worth it. Everything I read emphasizes following the diet plan to get the best results. And I want to give myself the best chance possible. I'm done playing games. I have a lot of obstacles in the next 90 days so I need to get the nutrition plan under control. It's not quite second nature yet, but we're getting there.

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