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Monday, April 16, 2012

P90X - Day 15

Things are getting hard for me mentally. My diet continues to slip and I don't want to exercise. But I think it's because emotionally I'm drained. Hubby has been gone 9 days and despite other recent trips going well for me, this one is not. I'm losing my temper with the kids all the time. They really just don't listen. Ever. The past few days have been the hardest and I think that's making it hard for me to put the effort forth in something so time consuming.

On the bright side though, I haven't missed a single workout. I even did the X Stretch on Sunday which is totally options. (Totally dumb too! But I would do it if I had the time or felt I needed to focus on stretching.)

I'm re-examining this program too. I don't intend to quit- I'm hoping I'll bounce back after a day or two of hubby being home. But it is a very time consuming program. I'm not sure why 60 minutes is so much longer than 45, but it is! I feel like morning is the best time to do it, although I hate the early mornings. I know I can't keep that up forever. Alot of people do several rounds of P90X... I don't think I'll ever do that!

I have thought about the future- because despite my struggles, I am getting stronger and hopefully leaner. Not sure pizza and peanut butter eggs are helping me get there - but like I said - stressful week! Anyways, I think after I finish P90X(to whatever capacity that may be) I will plan some sort of routine with the Jillian Michael's DVDs I have. I have 4 of them, two of them with several workouts, so there is variety. I think you can definitely get results with her shorter workouts. I have done many of them, and they are hard and easy to hate. But I think with the strength I'm gaining with P90X- it's got to be easier and not so hell-ish.

So that's what I think about when I'm working out and don't want to be! I'm definitely dreading tomorrow. It Plyometrics- the jumping video. Nothing sucks more when you feel depressed and want to curl up under the overs. I might wait until afternoon or evening when Mike is home to do that one. He owes me.


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