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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

P90X - Day 2

I know - it's only day 2, but I wanted to share some thoughts.

We're waking up early, before 5 am to get this fitness in together. I'm excited to get to bed each night, although almost so much so I don't sleep soundly. I'm sure that will change!

The first workout was Back & Chest - all push ups and pull ups. We don't have a pull up bar, but we managed to make some bands work. It wasn't too bad! Granted, I'm doing girly push ups and not nearly the amount in the video, but it's a nice easy pace, lots of resting so it's very manageable.

Today was Plylometrics. I've been dreading this video- not sure how scary and hard it would be. It was manageable too! Certainly hard and the clock moved slowly, but there was rest and he planned the each exercises well for the duration of the video.

I'm sore, but not overly so.

I think the hardest part for me is wrapping my head around the nutrition plan. It's full of protein, which I knew- and it's hard to fit that in. It's also hard to go low fat when you're so used to high healthy fat diet. Turkey bacon sucks. But I'm committed to following the program as much as I can to get great results. And I didn't gain weight from the first day of all that protein and food! So that's good!

I know it's not fair to compare to a different fitness regime, but I try to compare it to the Jillian Michale's videos. They too are very hard. I think with her videos- it's crazy hard from the get out pushing you to your max pretty much the whole time. Sure, there are the floor abs, but those aren't fun either. It's hard to convince yourself to do those videos when you know she's going to beat the crap out of you. Especially the longer ones. But even those seem shorter than P90X. But P90X doesn't have the same intensity consistently throughout the whole hour.

Well, we'll see. It's only been 2 days. I'm glad I have a partner. It's alot of work to prepare the foods and keep on top of two people's nutrition- especially since we're at different levels. But I have the energy to do so- and I'm sure that energy will only increase as I get my Shakeology!

Oh, and I took my before pictures today. I put on my pink tank - I haven't worn that in probably 9 months because I didn't feel good about myself(toned)... I'm not going to wear it to the gym just yet- but hopefully soon.

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