Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay - so I've been derailed from the 6 week challenge - I'm not out of the game.. just let my one day of rest turn into three! But, to be fair, my babe was sick and TOM just showed up! (and the cookies are just about gone... I think I'll put them in the freezer before I head off to bed!)

So here's the goal - and it fits into the 6 week challenge nicely.

My original goal was to be DONE with this weight loss phase of life before/by the time I turned 30. Well, then I got pregnant with Ryan(such a sweetie!!!) ~ so that wasn't very possible. I suppose I could have eaten healthy during that time, not gained as much weight and got serious those 4 months before I turned 30(exactly 1 year ago...) I did loose 10 pounds, but after our trip to Disney - I just never got back on the motivation train. Till the new year. I find that the start of fall(school year) and New Years is the best time for me to loose weight. I have the most motivation and determination(at least for a while) to loose weight. Probably true for most people.

Well I just was reading a friendly blog that reminded me that my goal is to have this be a short phase of my life!!! I don't want to diet forever! I don't want to be picking at myself - guilty and unhappy because I fall into temptation again and again. I have one thing that works well for me. I can maintain my weight. Not sure I can maintain my weight at 140lbs - but no matter what my weight has been, I've usually maintained it pretty well. It's pregnancy or vacations that get it off rail and then I either step it up to loose the holiday weight - or it becomes part of me. Preggo weight is the worst!!!!!

So here's where I'm at: 187 pounds(although I'm supposed to weigh in tomorrow - not looking forward to that!)

Where I want to be: 140 lbs (which might actually be 130 on my scale- my scale is 9-10 lbs lower than WW or the Dr scale...)

140 might be low for me. Especially with muscle mass - I've never really has muscle mass before - and my lowest adult weight was 155. Looking at those pics now - I was sooooo skinny!!!! But I thought I was horribly fat!

I wish my face was that skinny! Sad when you want your face to be skinny.

Anyways - because 155 was my lowest adult weight - I think I need to be int he 140's to feel I achieved my real goal. And I'm afraid if it's not the low 140's then I'll just be at 155 at the first picnic or birthday or holiday.

So, what does this mean to me? Well, I need to loose 47 pounds(57?) yikes! And It would be great to loose it by my birthday in January. Which is just cruel. Who looses weight right at the holiday? That gives me 4 months - with the last month being an obstacle course of issues. That's like 12 pounds a month!!!! Whoa - I'm so not going to make that goal!!!!

Hmm... I'll have ot think on this a bit more. Maybe If I just get to the 155 goal by my birthday - loose ALL the baby weight - that would still be an awesome goal. So that would be 32-42 pounds, about 8-10 pounds a month. Much better! Still a great challenge, but much better!

I think if I really apply myself over the next two weeks, I could start this challenge off really well. And once you start loosing weight - it's easier to stay motivated and keep your body burning and working int hat direction(or at least - that's what my mom always told me!)

So what am I going to do?

1. Put the cookies in the freezer!!! (I made homemade - organic cookies!!! - so I wouldn't have to eat processed snacks...)

2. Plan to track my food. I'm not sure if this will be with points or calories. I'd like to do calories, but I have a WW scale - and that tells me points, very handy. And I'm not used to figuring out calories.

3. Stick to the challenge plan of cardio and strength every other day. So tomorrow, that means I have to get up early and workout in the basement. Ryan is still to sick to allow me to go to the gym. I think he's getting better though.

4. Stock food with whole healthy foods - and EAT THEM! Someone at church offered up fresh peaches - as much as you want. I'm going to call her - maybe head over there tomorrow and raid her garden! See what wisdom I can glean from her. Plus I need to make lunch and dinner menues. I think I have enough meat in the fridge to come up with some good ideas.(although we've actually been eating some meat free meals!!!)

5. Drink lots of water!!! I'm afraid of returning kidney stones!!!! I need to do this anyways.

Well, I think that's about it. I should go get some shut ueye - and put the cookies away - so I won't be tempted again tomorrow! I REALLY want to do this - and I'm thankful for this redirection in my life. I've been so torn lately with my priorities - or rather not knowing what they should be. And I want to do this and be done with it. I don't want to dissapoint myself again. I do need to figureout the rest of my priorities and how to bring them to the forefront again. (like family, children, and God). And that will happen. I just need more time to think on those things. There's no clear plan of attack. Not yet - my heads a little fuzzy still(darn thyroid!)

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