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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food Matters

So I've been reading Food Matters by Mark Bittman. Got it on sale at our local Borders which is closing.

I'll (maybe) give a review on the book when I finish it, but I'll give you a little heads up now. If you're familiar with Food Inc. and Michael Pollan, you're not getting a ton of new information. Same mindset.

Mark Bittman does have a slightly different viewpoint though. First of all - he is very concerned about the environment and how our food choices are effecting it. I found this slightly annoying. I'm all about helping the Earth and making as little dent as possible - but I do not believe in global warming, and clearly - he DOES! So, once I just ignore the extreme global environmental BS I don't quite agree with - there's alot of good information.

It's also alot easier to read than a Michael Pollan book. Just sayin.

Mark Bittman also heavily talks about eating what he calls "sanely." Half the book is devoted to this. It's not a diet, per say, but a life style. There's only a few basic rules - and mostly it's eat plants. Eat alot of plants - then add whatever you have room for into it. Obviously not surprising. But as he explains it more, I'm obviously not eating this way.

So as I look at my current eating style - we try to eat alot of veggies, and sometimes it's the main attraction to our meals. Meat has definitely taken a back seat to our menus. But there's still alot of grains and not necessarily whole grains. And fruits come and play now and again...

So for example - for lunch I might make a chicken & veggie quesadilla on my panini. Then I might have some pretzels, soup or salad(not all of those!) But the quesadilla is my highlight and my main meal. The right answer would be salad and lots of salad and veggies then add the quesadilla. And I certainly haven't been snacking right. Too many cookies and refined sugars around lately.

So I do plan on making the switch into having more plants and more plants then adding what I want/need into that. Might having to go shopping again to finish the week at that rate though!! So far today I had my same spinach and eggs for breakfast - but I had twice as much spinach and onions (plus extra oil) and only 1 egg. Eggs and dairy are to be more of a special treat, not an over indulgence. It was okay. I certainly prefer to have more eggs, but definitely doable. I'm about to go cut up a melon so I can snack on that.

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