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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Busy!!!

I don't remember the last time I've been so busy. It's one of those times where I look ahead in the schedule and realize that if I want Tuesday to flow - I need to get the laundry or meals or whatever done in the 2-3 hour period of free time the Saturday before hand!! Crazy to actually plan that far ahead, at least for me. Alot of it is that I've been making meals for people. It takes extra groceries, time and delivery... it just adds up! I've made three meals - one for last Friday and two for today. Plus my family has to eat too! I've actually handled it really well.

Anyways - I've made some changes in my life - meals are kind of a part of it - where I'm trying to be more ministry focused. I started babysitting for a friend who just needs time to nap - she has 4 kiddos under the age of 4 and she's up 5+ times a night. Not good!!! So once a week I'll be watching her kiddos. It actually was a breeze today.

I also want to start a bible study for my Mops group. Suppose I should pick our material for that so we can advertise it!!!

So on the dieting and exercise home front... doing pretty well. I still am not eating evening snacks and it's going really well. Sometimes I'm tempted, but I'm so eager to see the results the next day - it's working for me. I think that's what I love, the (somewhat) immediate gratification and actually seeing results.

I still need to get some momentum going and watch what I eat during the day. This past weekend we went on a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, my old stomping ground. So we definitely pigged out on some treats. I didn't care. But it pushed the scale up a good 2.5 lbs - but it's only taken 2 days to drop 2 of those pounds. I'm sure a good part of it was water weight - but whatever.

Tonight, I was very tempted to just eat something. I was hungry, truly hungry, and I thought - what's one night? But I didn't get my real workout today(the childcare area was full... GRrrr!) so what did I do? I grabbed a big(probably too big) bowl of fresh cantaloupe and pineapple. I'm pretty proud of myself! Now I'm off to do some abs and weights to make up from what I missed this morning.

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