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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Things Seem So Obvious

Some things seem so obvious yet we're oblivious to them!

I've had a few "Ah-ha!" moments the past couple days. Dieting do's and don't that have just escaped me lately. So I will share them with you in case you've misplaced them from your mind as well.

The first one I came across from another blog I read. Very simple concept and in some ways - I already to this. It's just planning out your diet - for the full day. If you know and plan for your meals and know the calorie content beforehand, you have so much more control over everything! You know if you have room for an extra snack - or maybe the add ons at your meal - like dressing or cheese or whatever. Now, I do try to plan out what meals I'm making for the week, but I don't really know what I'm going to eat in a given day. Obviously tracking your calories or points is extremely important, an area I struggle with but am trying to make into a habit. So there's room for improvement for me here and so far I'm doing okay.

The second obvious dieting trick is to not snack in the evening. I almost always snack in the evening, so this is a habit I will have to break. I often breakdown and have cookies or ice cream in the evening. When I'm being healthy about it, I'll have cereal or possibly popcorn. Last night I had some fruit. And this morning, I saw some great results!

I'm very excited about this morning. Today is not my WI day, but when I'm hopeful for some good results, I'll WI! Now, I had a great low cal day and I did my zumba and a little step/abs in the evening and only fruit in the evening - and I was at my lowest weight in a while! 204.6 lbs!!! Very excited about this! I was apparently feeling defeated in the weight loss area of my life - and now I feel I might actually be able to drop some weight! I hadn't given up, but my goals seemed to be fading into *wishful thinking.* Just what I needed to keep me going this week! I can't wait until Friday to see where I'm at then!!

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  1. Great job on the numbers! I always try and save a couple of points for the evening so I can have a snack after my daughter goes to bed.