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Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Blues...

So I totally lost it this weekend. Ugh!!

It was a downward spiral and I just didn't care. I'm not sure if hormones play into it or if I was just so tired from this past week I didn't have the zeal to keep it up any longer.

I think the main culprit is I'm out of my thyroid medication. And I haven't taken it for about 3 days. I have more, I just need to go pick it up. That was the plan yesterday - but I was too tired and lazy to do anything. One of the symptoms of my thyroid issues...

I don't know - it may just be a total big fat excuse... but yesterday - when I looked at the day - I did pretty much nothing. We went to church and had lunch there(fundraising event) but then I didn't go to the grocery stores nor did I do any laundry or make an attempt to cook something for dinner. I did finish off the cookies though. I also fell sleep on the couch around 9pm - which never happens - maybe twice a year do I fall sleep on the couch... so I was definitely wasted. Of course - a weekend of crappy eating probably didn't help.

So today I have to accomplish what I didn't accomplish yesterday - also meaning I will be missing my workout. I kinda needed to miss Zumba anyways - it's a half day for my daughter - so I would have to be incredibly timed to get her out of the hundreds of kids(and cars in the pick up line) and get to Zumba 15 minutes later - even though it's lunch time and the busiest street of our town. Who needs that headache?

This also means I have to finish grocery shopping for the week with only $30 left to spend. That sounded like an impossible feat yesterday - and still does. Especially since we're out of papertowels, napkins and TP. That's half the money right there! Oh - and we need shampoo - ugh... I still don't really know what we're eating this week.

So I need to get out of this funk... because it's not going to get me anywhere fast. Fortunately there are no more cookies... because that sounds pretty good - even though I already had my healthy spinach and egg breakfast.

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