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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Little Secret

Okay - so I haven't been the best at weighing in and overall dieting lately. It's true. But I haven't stopped trying. I haven't totally lost my focus. I've just been stumbling.

It's been a little disheartening too, because March is almost over and I'm no where near my goal of losing 10 pounds this month. Will I ever lose any weight? Will I always be this size? Why do I not have the willpower even to lose five pounds?!? UGH!!!

And it is depressing. Obviously I need to make some changes. Obviously I'm not good at dieting and making changes!!! I do eat fairly healthy, it's the snacks that are getting to me. Last week it was definitely the hormones that did me in. I was salt sugar and deep fried all over the place! So much for applying the Food Matters approach. I did at times... but not constantly.

Well, I weighed myself last Monday and was 206.9 lbs. I weighed myself yesterday and was 206.4 lbs. I was quite thrilled since I had a horrible week eating. But my last official weigh in I was 204.4 lbs, so obviously I've been stumbling! But despite my eating habits not getting me anywhere fast, I've found a small habit I can start that's making a difference right away.

I'm not eating after 7pm at night. I usually go to bed at 11pm and snacking usually starts around 8:30 when the kids are in bed. The snacks are rarely healthy. So I'm doing two positive things - not taking in empty calories I don't have allotted anyways plus I'm not eating right before bed. I think that is the key. I've read how that can be important in weight loss(not eating before bed) and it's something I can definitely see results. And I have before, it;s just hard not to eat cookies and ice cream before bed!

So Monday I weighed 206.4 lbs. Today I weighed 205.2 lbs. That's over a pound less! Now yesterday was a good day anyways and it's possible I was just losing a bit more water weight with TOM leaving.. but I don't care. I'm seeing results. I think the only reason why I lost a half pound from last week was because Saturday and Sunday night I didn't have snacks before bed.

So if that's what it takes for me to start losing weight - then I think I can handle this change.

I know dieting should be a lifestyle change - but I've already incorporated one big lifestyle change, I just can't seem to handle it low cal as well. (My lifestyle being as much whole foods (organic) and as little processed foods as possible.) Unfortunately I've not been able to tame my snacking lifestyle to fit the rest of my lifestyle. If I had, I'd be in a much better place.

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  1. The changes you have made are great and the others will come! It's great that you are not giving up!