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Friday, June 10, 2011

Low Carb Continues

Not too long ago I decided to commit to LC for another month - really dedicate to it to make a difference. My TOM wasn't the most helpful but I didn't get too far off track - although it did make the scale say some nasty things. I've been walking and exercising this week. I have been taking Zumba Toning every Wednesday - I really like it. Then I do arms at home twice a week and if I don't do arms, I'll do abs. Not hours in the gym, but something I can continue doing during a busy summer.

Plus I think my arms are shaping up.

So I WI today - well, everyday really. :) I know it's not *healthy* to do so, but it encourages me for the most part. So how was today?? My best yet!!! I'm officially lower than my WW weight. 196.3 lbs!

I've been looking forward to getting to this point for over a week now. It makes me realize that if I just stay consistent, I'll see results.. but 1 or 2 days off really sets me back a week. Because it's hard to get fully on track again - I went up in weight for a few days and then I have to re lose that weight - which is usually fairly easy - but next thing yah know 5-7 days have gone by and it's the weekend again. Let's repeat the cycle shall we?!?! NOOO!!!

I'm tired of repeating the cycle. I won't get anywhere very fast that way - which I'm obviously aware of. So this month of dedication is really important.

What else did I do this week? Well I tried two new recipes. One was a no bake jello cheese cake - it's so gross. It should be good, but it's not. I never have been a huge cheese cake person... there goes $5 down the tube. Glad I didn't go organic on that one! I also made a Florentine style ground beef creamy dish. It looks good... it doesn't taste horrible... but it needs something, like noodles or toast to put it on. I can only eat a few bites plain. So it's not going very fast, and I really don't want to eat it. Last night I had a big salad and a portion of the beef. I only ate a third or a half of the beef.

I've been eating alot less lately. At lunch time, I have been eating something smaller- then getting busy. I think it's mostly because I don't want to cook for myself anymore. I cook eggs for breakfast everyday and a hamburger at some point, either for lunch, dinner or an evening snack. My floor is so greasy!!! A few days I ate way too many peanuts, but I haven't been cheating except for maybe a bite here and there - and really, it's 2 bites a day.

I can continue this, I just need to control my environment. For example - tonight my daughter is having a sleep over... my husband suggested something fun, like Pizza Hut. I think I'm going to veto that one... we can have frozen pizza at home and I can eat a salad I'll actually enjoy and have a burger. Pizza Hut would throw off my weekend, and we just came to realize how bad that can be for me.

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