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Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Verge

So it's finally summer. Well, I shouldn't speak so soon... it's been barley 65 the past two days - with the extra bonus of rain. I think we've exceeded our rainfall for the year already - so - AWESOME! (dripping with sarcasm... even that pun...)

Okay - so summer - refocus. It's summer and I'm hearing about and reading about everyone running. Not too surprising... but now I'm feeling left out. Like there's this big block party of runners and they're running a few blocks from my house so I won't be included. Which is totally absurd - I could join the runners, but I need to watch House Hunters and dream about the vacation home we'll never have. I feel like I'm missing out on this bond - this runners bond because I once attempted a habit of running. I ran a 5K - I entered the club!(metaphorically speaking) but I'm missing out on the friendship because I slipped out the back door and haven't been coming to practice.

I didn't know what I would miss. What I'm missing.

But my hip hasn't been the same since my long run before the 5K. Sometimes even just walking it goes out of place and I'm hobbling a bit. I'm not sure how much it would cost to go see a chiropractor... alot since our insurance sucks. And I don't want to go for multiple visits - just one to *fix it.*

But I feel like if I don't get out there and run soon - I'm going to burn up. You know how when you've rested a few days, unfortunately out of your routine, but then you come back with more strength and energy than you've had in a workout in a long time?? Well - that's what I feel like. I'm done being a sloth - I need to sprint! Of course, that's not super healthy to just skip the warm up and sprint - but I'm busting at my energy seems here! And although I've done some good workouts - it's not the same. I need to get out of the studio, away from the videos and Just GO.

Just Go.
I think tomorrow - I'll Just Go.

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