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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mental Games

I'm in such a groove with Low Carb eating. My only down falls are too many nuts and too much sugar free pudding made w/ milk and heavy cream. It's just calories - they add up!

I am trying to keep it all in check, I should pre-portion, but I haven't done that yet. Maybe next week.

I can't wait for Friday for an official WI. I'm already down about 2 pounds over the weekend. Who HOo!!! Weekend Power!!!

I usually go off track over the weekend, and believe me, my heart wasn't always in it, but I was motivated to see results. That's what I love about LC, I see results almost everyday. I just need to keep the momentum going(see last post about my sabotage habits.)

So, mental games.. that is the title of this post. Well - it's funny, I don't see the big picture. If you ask me how much weight I lost - I don't really know. From when? I can tell you yesterday's weight loss... but I often want to think of it in terms of a dietary change. What I remember and recall is how much weight I might have lost before I went off plan and put part of it(if not all of the weight) back on. I'm lost in the daily numbers and forget to see the bigger picture. Although despite that, I'm very excited to see the changes in my body and how my clothes fit differently. So in my mind I've only lost a few pounds on LC, despite being on it for about 6 weeks. But, if I look at the numbers I've lost 5-7 pounds on LC and alot of it recently(started taking more vitamins and supplements) and I am more dedicated and making more progress.

Another mental road block is that I feel like every bump in the journey is a new start. Sure - each day is a new day - always an opportunity to make the right/healthy choices, "but I only lost .7 lbs on that journey and 1.4 on that journey - don't forget the 2 pounds I gained on this journey!!!" and all I see and feel are this small losses and gains and it doesn't add up to much and I feel like I haven't really lost anything. In reality - I have! I've lost about 10 pounds in the past couple months! I have a new norm in my weight!

So it's worth it, I'm motivated, I just need to step back and look at my progress because my mind is playing tricks on me. Maybe I'm just sugar deprived(which I am!) but I'm so excited to be seeing results even if my mind is not always feeling it.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    You are making it happen. Keep it up and stay focused!!!