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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strawberry Sabotage

So I last wrote that I was going to take a run. Update: no run.

I don't know where my mind was, but the following day was set aside for family fun at the amusement park. So it really wasn't an option.

Monday came and I went strawberry picking with my mom and 1 child. We did alot of running around town - apparently there was a bad rain storm last week and wiped out the crops. So we were lucky to get what we did and fortunately one farm in town was unaffected. So I went out and bought a zillion strawberries. 16 quarts to be exact.

So now I'm processing all these berries before they go horribly bad. Yesterday I cleaned and froze 2 cookie sheets worth. I also made a strawberry pie - yum!!

Today my mother came over and we make 6 batches of jelly - that would be 17 jars sitting in my kitchen right now. My mom took 3 quarts of berries home with her. So I'm left with about 3-4 quarts. I want to clean them and either freeze them plain or lightly sugar them and freeze them. Maybe keep some for shortcake.

The life of a strawberry is short.

And now I'm exhausted. Maybe it's the extra sugar rush from the pie and I'm crashing... but it's alot of work!! So running is not on the list until later. I need to recoup. There's alot that's been neglected lately and my patience is thin with the kids. Fortunately I have preprepped meals or we'd be in extra trouble.

I want all this done, but there's so much else I want to do too. I've pretty much chucked the low carb diet for this week. I am enjoying the strawberries and making it through the week.

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