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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Splurge

Okay - I knew it was coming... and it came. I hope it's left. I had a carb splurge. I was kinda pissed that I did it, but I really didn't want to do the effort to stay on track. Sometimes I just want to eat - I don't want to prepare food. If someone gave me low carb easy access food - I'd be perfect. But it's alot of work and effort to make sure I have something decent to eat throughout the day!

I think tomorrow will show how much "damage" was done. I really was off about 1-2 days. I kept making low carb choices as much as possible - then follow it with a brownie.

I know being consistent is a huge key in all this. Time is ticking and I want to make more progress before our Disney trip.

Today was very up and down for me. I was emotionally drained with some things going on in our lives and after everything at church today - I was just spent. Any talking from the kids was too much and I had to go grocery shopping - and I just didn't want to. Of course I get home 10 minutes before dinner... so I need to make dinner. Let's just top it off with a big dose of guilt because it's Father's day and I've done about as little as possible to make the father of my children feel special. And I'm probably the only person on Facebook not willing to wish all father's a happy special day. I'm boycotting - because I hate feeling like I *have to* do anything.

Anyways - my emotions were all over the place - taking my energy with it. At one point it occurred to me that maybe this was the after affects of sugar on my system.

You should be proud though - I am!!! I skipped the Jamocha shake calling my name on the way home!

And something happened after dinner... I started prepping food for the week... here's a list of everything I accomplished in the kitchen - without it feeling like a big chore!

-cut and cleaned lettuce
-trimmed and cleaned spinach
-caramelized a batch of onions(for hamburgers and hot dogs)
-shredded a block of cheese
-made a mini quiche(good for 2 days - hopefully I'll love and not need to make eggs every morning!)
-started a pork roast
-Made my salad for tomorrow
-Made kids sandwiches for tomorrow(headed to the peninsula)

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