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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Annoyed With Myself

I'm so mad! I totally messed up the 4th of July. Part of it was planned. I knew I would eat a piece of lemon cake and strawberry rhubarb pie. Well, I didn't know there would be brownies too. I didn't eat a brownie though - and had just half a piece of pie - until I had the other half of pie and half a brownie.

Okay - I can live with that. Not trilled, but whatever.

But then we went to fireworks at great grandma's house. She had all sorts of snacks for us after the fireworks. Um, grandma, it's 10pm, the kids need to go to bed! So I let my husband take the kids home and I stayed with my parents and ate pie and ice cream. I didn't want it, I don't think any of us did. But what is she going to do with a whole pie? It wasn't even good. Neither was the lemon cake, really. I was disappointed.

I'm up over a pound and I'm so mad. I ate low carb at dinner and low cal throughout the day. I hate the *obligation* to eat. I suppose I could have just gone home and avoided the whole issue - but I don't see this side of my family enough, so I didn't want to.

I'm going to continue to keep my low carb efforts low cal too - see if I can get this weight off quickly.

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  1. Well considering I think you did well. You could have really over done it, but instead you limited yourself.

    I am so guilty of showing my love with food. I know my kids have felt the same way you did....ate stuff just because I went to the trouble to make it. It's so hard to change my mind on how to show love. There are so many ways, but I love to show it with food. So strange!

    Don't beat yourself up. I had a great day, did not over eat anything and I was up 3 pounds. For me I think it was stress and the weather. It's finally warm here! I'm back down now. Funny how my body reacts to things out of my normal schedule.

    Keep fccused on your plan!!!