Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back on Track

The Strawberry Sabotage of 2011 definitely set me back, a solid 4 pounds.

It wasn't just the strawberries - at was the carb cravings that did me in. I've been struggling with sweets every night. I have been making low carb choices during the day - but get relaxed about it in the evening and then toss it out the window with a bunch of snacks late.

But I'm back on track now. Not sure what triggered be to get back on track. I think it was remembering my goal. It was remembering the clock is ticking and the Disney trip is closer all the time. I will be super disappointed if I don't make significant progress before then. I don't expect to be at goal weight by any means - but well on my way. Not screwing around with the same 5 pounds.

I also noticed I'm getting a little chub. As easily as I noticed a difference in my clothes with just a few pounds lost - it started coming back. NOT OKAY WITH THAT!

On a plus side - I did my measurements for July 1st - and I lost 1.5 inches - mostly in my arms and waist. I'm actually pretty excited about that!!! I threw on a shirt the other day - one that was purchased but never worn because it just didn't fit in the arms - and it was perfect!!! I wore it for our anniversary dinner! I've really wanted my arms to shape up a bit for the summer sleeveless look - and they totally give my chubbiness away - so it seems like it's working!

I technically didn't lose any weight this month - maybe half a pound. But at my low I was down about 4ish pounds - I forget exactly.

So all those things together have motivated me to quit screwing this up and get back on track.

(Sorry for the harsh language but I mean business!!!!)

So I look at the next month - I need a mini goal or focus. What do I want to accomplish by when?? I'm motivated for the Disney goal, but I need a mini goal to help me get there. (I'll also need similar goals after Disney to keep going!!!)

I actually have a little trip planned in August! Our Mops group is heading to convention - so I'll be spending about 4 days away from the family! So my gaol is to be below 190 by then. Right now I'm at 197, my June low was 193. I'm actually hoping for 187 - I don't know why, but anything below 190 would be AWESOME!!! I'm pleased that I'm officially below the 200's and I'm not going back. So I'd like to be officially below the 190's. If I remember correctly 185 is where I started before I got pregnant before baby #3. Well - maybe it was 175/180. But then, that was my old scale too - so ti really was probably closer to 190(since it was about 10 pounds nicer than reality!) But mentally - I'm looking for what I used to see on the scale, even if it wasn't accurate.

Another positive note - I've been trying on shorts and capris from my former life - just 1 size smaller - a 14. They fit! Not very flattering though -but I don't think I'd be too uncomfortable in them either - just need the right shirt to hide any puff. So I'll wait a bit longer and hopefully be in them before the Mops convention. I wore 1 suitable pair to church this morning!

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