Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Cheated!

I did slot of things different today. Today was day 6 of the 30 DS. Definitely level 1. But I was actually feeling quite froggy, so I attempted level 2. It wasn't as bad or scary as I remembered but there were definitely exercises I don't like. I was also extremely frustrated as I was interrupted several times. I'm not sure how vital the 20 minutes of consecutive exercise be ~ well, consecutive.

I feel like I'm not being very true to the 30 DS "program." I've now skipped 2 days, although not consecutive. I'm not following any specific diet program very well. But I'm still not giving up. I'm still choosing to get the workout in every day possible. I want to complete this.

On a more positive perspective... I am exercising more and in general moving more. I'm impressed with my ability to do the level 2 workout. I'm prepping healthy food. I'm still trying to keep my carbs low and I'm even tracking my food! I'm down about 2 lbs for the month. I had hoped it would come off a little quicker, but at least we're headed in the right direction.

On a side note~ I'm finding it easier to change directions ( ie healthy choices) thru out the day. Unfortunately it can go both ways. But I'm not just giving up on the day just because I splurged. There's always an opportunity to help redeem the day. Hmmm... Maybe I'll head out for a walk before it's too late!

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