Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dare I Attempt?

Well - the clock keeps ticking till our Disney trip. And my convention weekend. Convention weekend is only 27 days away. Not sure about Disney just yet - don't want to obsess about it. ;)

Anyway - I'm considering attempting the 30 Day Shred. I was actually motivated by(and more interested in trying) the Firm Express that's been advertised on TV. But I know the results they show are less likely to be found in me - for a variety of reasons. I was searching online to find some real life examples and to see if it'd be worth trying. There's very little out there, probably because it's newer.

I also wonder if I should invest the money when I have several videos at home that I don't use. You can probably see where I'm headed. If you've seen the Firm Express infomercial you know they're using short bursts of energy followed by a recovery time. It's a bit more complex I'm sure - but it does sound similar to Jillian Michael's circuit training routines.

I also searched for results for the 30DS - with lots out there. Results are good - nothing amazing like 20 pounds lost but alot of inches lost. And inches matter alot!! Because it's more about me becoming smaller(and a happier healthier weight) than just a number game.

I have two problems though.

1. I hate the 30DS. It's not Jillian, it's because I've done level 1 many times and I don't like it ~ not for 10 days in a row. And I know level 2 is harder... so it's a wall every morning of doing a workout I don't particularly like.

2. I'm horrible at completing things. It's true - it's definitely apart of me, even though I'm aware of it and don't like it. I have trouble following through. I actually considered getting thru at least a week of the 30DS before posting it on my blog. I haven't - but I thought about it.

But here's what's awesome about it.
1. If I do complete 30 days - I'll definitely make some changes in my body.
2. I'll be closer to my goals. - especially my first time sensitive goal.
3. I will have become stronger.
4. I'll have completed something!!!
5. I'll have developed a new routine of putting fitness first in my day.
6. Maybe I'll even get my eating under control!

Looks like there's alot more positive than negative. I'll have to keep coming back and reading my hopeful results - and keep striving towards them. Maybe if I complete this and am looking for something new - I'll try the Firm Express. Which would be a nice reward don't yah think??

Oh - P.S. I've already finished Day 1 of 30DS. Didn't love it but enjoyed the comfort of knowing the routine. Definitly worked up a sweat and flexed some muscles I haven't worked in a while.

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