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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another week - no progress???

Well, I was actually relieved to have not GAINED weight this week!!!! Sunday's seem to be my worst day! we eat out at Moes - and then yesterday in particular was bad... too many snacking opportunities... and I snacked, but not toooo much, but apparently enough. I need to change my Sunday routine so Monday can be more successful. I need to track more. So I bought the members kit today. I'm hoping havign all the tracking guides will be helpful. I want to track while I'm away - and with not using the computer as much, I'll need these tools.

So, according to WW I've lost 13 pounds, but I round it up to 15 because I did loose a few before I started. So I have before and after pics - which Mike put together for me - what a sweatheart!!!! And you can definitly see a difference. I feel slimmer too - and it's nice to see the difference. It won't let me upload the pic, sorry!

So I will track this week - that should make a big difference. I think I might buy a scale too - so I can really know my meat portions.

I'm kinda confused though... I exercise alot. We eat sooo much cleaner than before. My carbs are down - we never have pasta anymore.. hardly rice. I eat carbs for breakfast and then maybe bread or something at lunch... Jillian's book made it sounds once I removed all these processed foods, my metabolism would be working for me and weight would seemingly dissapear - so what's up? I know I'm not being perfect - but I'm so much better than I was.. the only solution is to keep better track of my points.

I just don't know! I do need to cut out my nighttime snacks... that could be better too. Alright - that's the plans... track track track - no nighttime snack!

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