Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, I'm excited for a couple reasons -

The first is, I actually got up early and workout out!!!! Haven't done that in a looong time. Coupled with that - is I think I look thinner! it mgiht just be the outfit - I have my more fitted capri pants that are dark - so it hides the imperfections and then my really loose tank top - hiding the bulging stomach. Although the other day when I weighed myself I was down a coupel pounds!!!

I'm also excited because TurboKick(TK) is comign to our area gym!!! and I've always loved TurboJam(TJ), I just stopped doing it because I need to go to the gym to have uninterupted time. But this morning I did my TJ PKJ video. I am bummed because I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor(HRM).

I'm really intrested in doing to TK, although I don't know that I'd be good enough to teach. so Mike wants to know why I want to do it! Fair question - why pay over $200 just to have someone show me to twist a bit better?!?! I can't explain why I want to - I guess I really want to teach - I just don't have confidence in myself.... plus we might be busy that day... I don't know - I'm very excited - just like I was with BeautiControl - I just couldn't stop thinking about it!!!

It does give me motivation to stay on track for the summer - or at least the first half! I never would have gotten up this morning if it wern't for the TK thing... I want to practice my TJ!!!! and I have to do it first thing in the morning, or else the late afternoon, which really takes away from getting things done around here. It worked out well today - now to get kids ready and off to school!!!

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