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Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, I just returned from a glorious 10 days down south - partially with family in Alabama and partially at the beaches of Florida. Both are nicer than PA! I just loved the warm weather and time away. I purposely stayed away from the computer - which is always good for me, because I am a social and info junky and spend too much time ignoring my duties as a wife, mother and maid.

So, vacation is always good, but there's up and downs. Some deep downs.

The Up Side!!
I exercised at least every other day, sometimes more than that. I walked when there was no gym, and took advantage of the gym when I could - despite the lack of air conditioning!!! I had my HRM, so I knew how many calories I was burning, and I always kept it high (700+). So that was good. Mike was very accommodating and took care of the kids if I chose to exercise.

The Down Side. :(
I ate horribly!!!! I took a bunch of WW stuff and never tracked a point. I did try to make some healthy choices. I picked a very veggie meal for when we cooked at home. And I tried to order grilled fish when I could - but you'd think it was a crime to serve green veggies in Florida!!! Everything was fried! and the only choices were potatoes... come on people! It was rather ridiculous. I expected it at some places - but not the $200 fancy restaurant on our last night. They were willing to switch the fried platter and give me grilled grouper - but when I asked for something other than french fries... he winced. So I order a side of asparagus - which was over cooked and incredibly salty - I almost couldn't eat it. and I was trying to avoid salt. Sheesh!

So what's the damage?? Well, I can't stand fast food - so that's good! Actually, eating in general doesn't sound good to me, but I'm sure that will change. I weighed myself this morning and I was 5 pounds up. So I skipped my WW meeting and will go tomorrow. I went to the gym to help combat some of the damage. I'm hoping a few pounds will just drop now that I'm home eating normally.

Today I'm doing real good with tracking and I'm using my new food scale - which is awesome. Especially witht he fruits and veggies. Alot of my fruits have been zero points... although I'm sure together it all adds up, so I'll account for it.

I was actually thinking of looking into the zigzag diet. It's just calorie cycling, and I could still do that with WW - I would just need to figure out ~ roughly~ how many points to vary. I found another site that kinda figured it all out - very cool.


I'm not 100% sure what my calorie set is for WW, but I've heard that 1 point is between 50-70 calories... so that's between 1350 and 1890. So if I stayed with in that range - just varied the actual amount of calories - it shoudl work out well. I just need to start realizing how many calories things are again. So far so good for today - my calorie counter on Spark People says around 550- but the one recipe is a bit different that thiers... so maybe a little less.

I'm on the move!!!!

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