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Saturday, May 1, 2010


So - I have a heart rate monitor - and these are pretty cool. I have a Polar F11. They monitor your heart rate and use that info - along with weight and age to determine how many calories you burn during exercise. Some monitors can be worn all day to see what you burn naturally throughout the day. Mine is specifically for exercise. But that's okay.

Well, I apparently bought and used it two years ago - for a while. Well, I finally got it back out - I was curious how many calories I was burning for different activities. I had to "reset" it, since I'm at a differet place now. It was intresting to see my old stats though. I was 175 pounds and my vo2max(maximal oxygen uptake - commonly used to evaluate aerobic fitness.) was 36 and 'fair' for my age. Now I'm 199 and my vo2max is 46 'very good'!!! So intresting that I'm in better shape now than when I started at a lower weight. But I remember when I did that - I was just starting to exercise... I've been exercising for months now - it better be better!!!!!

So - here's the Wow! of my post... I for it for my Total Body class at the gym, it's pretty much circuit training, making sure to focus on strength training every muscle group... Well, in just over an hour, I burned 895 calories!!!! Wow! I didn't think it'd be that high!!!!

So I can't wait to wear it for my other activities... This is a really encouraging boost for me. I've been doing okay this week, but not really motivated. So now I'm encouraged that my efforts are really benificial. This info can really help me keep track of what I'm doing.

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