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Friday, May 28, 2010

It had to happen

I'm running out of steam. It could be partially my diet yesterday - I didn't track and ate pretty poorly. But today is my favoite circuit class at the gym and I think I'm goign to skip. The past couple days have been jam packed full of activities - running from one thing to the next, and I'm just run down. I have a playdate today and I'm excited to go there, but I don't want to rush to the gym, then the playground, then the grocery store, then home in time to get Paige and then deal with the mess that follows. So, I'll skip the gym and see where that takes me.

I'm worried about this weekend. We'll be going to camp - which is not as rough as roughing it... but still away from my element. The goal is to focus on activites and not on the food. And what I need to do is bring foods that I want to eat... but I'm really looking forward to the pancake and sausage breakfast... and the late night smores and hotdogs... I need to plan ahead.

I didn't post this right away - and now it's afternoon. I skipped the gym, but I've been doing some weeding in the gardens. I am just loving the outdoors so much I even like weeding! The kids are doing pretty good outdoors too, well, at least in spurts. It's hard when mommy doesn't play with them. It's rewarding to see some progress in the gardens - there's a few too many of them at this house! Hopefully I'm burning some calories as well - I suppose I could look it up.

I should have gone to the grocery store - but I haven't decided what to buy - and frankly - I'm tired of going indoors when it's so nice out! it seems like I always have somewhere inside to be. I guess that's how it is when it's cold 75% of the year. I don't know if I was depressed before - but I'm just soaking up this nice weather! It's good for my soul!

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