Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, May 10, 2010


I lost 2.6 pounds this week!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited!!! I'm getting further and further from the 200 number!!!! I want to do really good over vactaion - I hope I can!!!

I was looking at it now - I've lost 15.6 pounds - and it's been exactly three months. So, at about 5 pounds per month - not too bad - 1.3 pounds per week, 5 per month, wish it was more though. But the thing that excited me, is I keep loosing. If I follow the plan and actually TRACK - I have success. and it keeps adding up. It's not 3 pounds a week, but the numbers keep going down - and I'm very excited about that!!!

I am also excited about my new purchase - I bougth the WW food scale. I can't wait to use it!!!!! There's so many things that I just don't know - and WW doesn't help me figure it out - like italian bread from a loaf that I cut... I just don't know. Is it 1 point per piece - it could be three if it's thick... I have no idea - so then I don't knwo what I have left for the day - and I don't knwo if I should restrain and just have the one piece, or maybe I could enjoy two(or three!!!!) so today I will have my homemade soup for lunch and I WILL KNOW how much bread I can have!!! And she showed me how to add up my whole meal on one plate - I was just about in tears I was so excited!!!! I can't wait to KNOW when I'm eatign three points worth of chicken or that my casserole is 5 points or 6... and if I'm goign to have seconds - I'll just have 1 more point worth.

and if I want only three points of cereal - I can have ANY cereal that's 3 points worth - then add 1 point worth of milk. I can do that now without too much fuss!!!!!!

Well, I need to go and exercise while the babe is asleep!!!!! gotta get my heart monitor on tooo!!

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