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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fast Food Update

Well, I started the Fast Food Fast(haha) on Saturday, I believe. So it's been 5 days - and I've done very well!!! On Saturday - we did have greasy pizza for lunch, so maybe that isn't part of the "plan" but it wasn't from Little Caesar's or anything. It was from the grocery store, and my husband suggested fast food, but I choose pizza instead. Not sure why I didn't think of subs... oh well.

Anyways, the hardest part was telling my mom about it. Because we always go to McD's on Tuesdays with the kids. So I told her to come on over and I'd make salads. We might try to go to some playgrounds while the weather is still nice. But I did it. I avoided the routine. I don't know why I was nervous telling her, but I was. I guess I feel bad changing our routine together. But she seemed okay with it, and it;s not as convienent to make our own lunches and go to the playground or home, but I think we'll both appreciate in the wallets as well. I get $20 allowance to spend on whatever I want. (don't fell bad for me - I have other money...) Anyways, I ALWAYS spend all $20 on fast food. Possibly on some randowm groceries... but it's always on food for me and the kids. But now I can save the money and actually spend it on myself!!! What a treat!

I must say- I was temped a bit today driving home from the gym. I caught a whiff of something tasty, and of course, I was starving. I came home and had a yogurt instead. I meant to have a salad, but I didn't want that. Maybe I'll have one at dinner.

My next step is to stop snacking. Not sure I'm *ready* for this one yet.

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