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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The good and the bad

Well - today was good and bad. Good workout wise, bad diet wise. I'm not even sure I want to disclose how bad the eating was... sigh..

Well, lets start with the good!

I went to the gym - which was great! It's been too long since I had a good work out. My goal was to make it to the TurboKick class. I thougth it started at 9:30- but apparently the rebounding class starts then, and turns into TuboKick. Don't ask me why... just makes my life harder. Anyways - I don't DO the rebounding class. I can't handle all that bouncing in my *old* age...

So, I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes - then headed over to the class. Apparently, 20 minutes was too long, because I missed the first part of the routine. But that's okay - I still got a solid half hour of TurboKick in. Well, I had a half hour left before they call me about my kid... so I went on the treadmill. This is the really good part. I still had some energy. So I thought I'd run. But this time, I was going to pace myself better. Normally when I run, it's anywhere from 4- 6 mph. And I can do spurts of about 5... maybe 10 minutes. Depends on my energy level. So I decided to slow it down, but to run longer(at least that was the hope.) So I did. I kept it at 4, barely a running speed, and ran for 25 minutes. I wanted to go for 30- not sure why I stopped. Mostly because I was bored, I think. But I think my energy level was waning. And by the end of all my workouts(plus an extra 20 minutes - because I forgot to turn off the HRM, I had lost almost 1500 calories. Not sure if that's really accurate, but that's all I have to go by for now. I want to recalibrate my monitor- because my reading seem high... but that's another post.

Anyways - yeah!!! very excited about running for so long! Plus - my calf's aren't killing me!!!! Usually after I run alot, I can't run for another week! But I could run tomorrow if I wanted to! (I don't think I have the time, but I could!)

Anyways - it made me really want to commit to getting to classes at the gym. I think they push my body more than just machines do. So I'll have to look at my calender and pencil this in better.

So the bad. I did pretty good eating for lunch. I had a yogurt, lean cuisine type of meal(250 calories) and an apple. As soon as I had the kids in bed, I had a bowl of ice cream. Cookie dough, my favorite!! Why is it in the house?!?! Well, it didn't have enough dough in it... so I had another bowl!!! UGH!!!! And it wasn't even that good!!! because IT didn't have enough dough either!!!!!


But wait, it gets worse. I did this - KNOWING I was going to the Olive Garden for dinner. Could there be a worse restaurant??! I know - there are a few *healthy* choices there - but lets be honest, they are nothing compared to the rich goodness that is Alfredo. sigh... I did not get Alfredo, but I don't know if my meal was any better. It was the Pork Milanese. (or something like that...) I did only eat half of it though -and gave portions to the babe. I got minestrone soup - and probably ate 1 bread stick. Could have been worse... but all together - not a good eating day. Oh, and there was cake too. Don't forget the cake. (Grandma turned 80 ~ what can you do?)

Tomorrow will be better. although I don't know if I'll have time to get to the gym. I want to though.

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  1. Good Job on the workout, I think doing one or the other (good eating, good workout) is still WAY better than not working out and not eating good.

    Eating one breadstick at Olive Garden is an accomplishment in my book. I have to stay away from Olive Garden, it is the one resturant on my not allowed list. I LOVE it there, just reading your post makes me want have a ton of breadsticks, so good. Olive Garden is Evil.