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Friday, September 3, 2010

Supersize Me

Well, I had to go and ruin it. Spoil it for everyone probably.(and by everyone, I mean my family.) I finally watched the movie/documentary - Supersize Me. I knew this would happen, and that's why I had to watch it.

It's not like watching Food Inc. where you're learning about the "food industry" and all the processing and modifications and the unfortunate side affects of it. It's not where you're disgusted by the knowledge of what's in your food so you turn away and find a healthy alternative. Although maybe similarly. In Food Inc. a veil is lifted and you realize what you've been eating out of the boxes is not "real" food. And in Supersize Me - you know that fastfood is unhealthy, but you finially see the direct affects of eating it.


I was really blown away by the bad ~ unhealthy effects he had due to the fast food diet. About three weeks in, I thought he was going to quit. It was amazing the symptoms he was having. The lack of energy, the mood swings, the headaches (I occationally have bad headaches - asprin sometimes helps - otherwise I need to sleep it off) and of course, the unseen damages. The damage to his liver was staggering. His cholesterol soared. He went for practically perfect ~ to~ yah better quit because these are signs of failure. and - call 911 if...


It wasn't just tired with some higher numbers. It wasn't just extra pounds. He actually seemed addicted to the food as well. Feeling crappy until he got to eat when he felt 100 times better. hmmm...

He gained about 25 pounds.

If you look at the numbers, he ate 90 meals at McD's. Three meals a day for 30 days. That's a little less than 2 meals a week if you look at the whole year. So that(theoretically) could be an extra 25 pounds you carry for eating fast food twice a week - and not even every week!!! Now granted, that's usually with a regular coke or milkshake. I always drink diet. And although I will have a double cheeseburger(my favorite burger there) he was often eating a double whopper it seemed. So it's got to be skewed. (plus he's a guy - and we all know women get the crap end of the stick when it comes to weight loss and gain.)

So... I eat fast food. And when I'm way off track - I eat alot of it. I find those times (I don't know how!!) where I'm alone in the car, or with just the baby - and I will stop for a burger, or a Jamoca shake. Maybe a taco. I go through periods I guess. When it's bad - I stop alot throughout the week. And other times, I never ever stop.

Right now, I've been stopping. And if I'm not stopping, I'm thinking about it.

I also have a family ritual. Just me and the kids. and grandma. We exercise. Sounds good right? Started as walking. In the winter it was walking at the mall. Kid(s) in stroller. On grandma's day off, we would stop at McD's for lunch and let the kid(s) enjoy the play area we walked past so much.

Now, we workout at the gym. Too many kids to keep in line for walking. But we still go to McD's (or Chick-fil-a) and get our play/eat time in. Every week. Without fail. And lets not forget the playdates. And the - too tired to cook days. Too busy and on the go. Or when traveling. Sometimes when we head out early for garage sale-ing.

Now, my mom ALWAYS got a salad. I could probably count on 1 hand how many times she got a sandwhich. I almost never got a salad. It just smells too good in there to eat a salad. Plus I hate salads and dressing. Blah! Did I mention my third child weighed almost 10 pounds at birth? I think there's a corelation.

Now a days, I get salads. Well, after I workout I'll get a salad. Any other time, it's highly doubtful. But the only guarenteed time I eat fast food is that day after we exercise.

So... back to the beginning on this post. I've ruined it for me and the family. I can't keep taking the kids to McD's. I can't keep doing this to myself. I wonder how much of my "mood" is due to fast food and junk? I've been in kind of a funk lately - even wondering if I need counseling - or medication. But what if it's linked to my bad eating habits? I've been stopping lately. Let's see - the last fast food I had was... wait for mommy brain to load......... well, we had chinese for dinner, does that count? and before that.... oh, the kids had Chuck-E-Cheese on Thursday... I guess it was Wed night we picked up Burger King before heading to the beach. Plus we had fast food for lunch on Tuesday(the norm...) Hmm... this is bad.

At home, I try to cook really healthy meals, and usually do pretty well. But the fast food has gotten out of hand as of late. I need a new routine.

So here's what I'm going to do!!!!! Always have to have a plan!!!! I am going to give up fast food for a week!!!! From Saturday till Saturday!!! I know - you thought I'd give it up for good. And that's the goal. But let's just start with a week. I can attain this goal and get over the hump of using it as my backup.

Okay - I'm exhausted. I will talk more about this later - but I'm very tired. Working the mommy brain used the last of my energy. It seriously took me probably 2 minutes to remember the fast food of this past week. The worst was trying to remember what happened Thursday. I had to check FaceBook to remember. Very Sad. (don't roll your eyes at me ye without child... it will happen to you too!!!!) okay, now I'm getting punchy - must sleep!

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  1. Giving up fastfood for a week is a good goal - good luck!! I can't imagine myself giving up fastfood forever (sad, I know).

    I TOTALLY get the mommy brain thing (and I only have one) I am always forgetting things that used to be a snap to remember before I had my daughter.