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Monday, September 27, 2010

Preparing Food

I already feel productive today. I found a recipe for crockpot chicken broth. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chicken-Broth-in-a-Slow-Cooker/Detail.aspx?prop31=1
I had roasted a whole organic chicken just a couple days ago - so I just put the carcass in there and followed the recipe. I'm excited to make my own, and save some money. I go through phases where I'll cook alot with broth and then don't use it for weeks. And of course, organic is expensive.

It's nice to be stocking up on some staples in the freezer. Right now I have lots of freezer strawberry jam and applesauce. And now that I'm taking steps to make chicken broth - I'll be doing this more as well! Sometimes you just have to do it once to get over the hurtles that hold you back. Oh, I made spaghetti sauce, but I'm not sure it was worth my time. Although I might make my own diced tomatoes and freeze those... that would be worth it. I wish I knew more about canning, so I could save some room in my freezer. Maybe next year.

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