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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What is it about Today? Why does tomorrow seem more appealing? Why not Today?

This is the mental battle I struggle with - maybe not consciously, but I do - when it comes to diet and exercise. I'm a procrastinator at heart - or maybe I'm just plain lazy and procrastination is just *nicer.*

So what is wrong with Today? Well, Today, I'm busy. Today I have alot of running around to do. I am SO stressed out, Today. And yah know what - a greasy burger ~ no, wait ~ a bowl of ice cream, yeah - Today, I just need that. And tomorrow, I'll skip the drive thru. Tomorrow, I'll skip the nighttime snacks. And tomorrow, I'll make it to that class, or wake up early or workout in the evening. Tomorrow holds alot of promise. I've not disappointed myself yet tomorrow. But Today, well - Today is shot. I screwed it up before lunchtime with the afternoon donut. Today I don't feel like cooking the "healthy dinner" and forget about eating salad. Didn't you hear I was stressed out? sigh....

So Today I need to realize that tomorrow will never come. Today I wait and wait but still, tomorrow never comes. I can dream all I want to about tomorrow - but it doesn't exist.

Until Today.

Today I will make a choice. I will choose my path. A different path. Tomorrow is now.

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